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22. Every application for the renewal of the licence either permanent or temporary shall be made one month before the expiry of the existing licence. Such application shall be accompanied by the documents referred to in clauses (ii) and (iii) of rule 13 and a receipt for the payment of fees at the prescribed rate. A copy of every such application shall be sent simultaneously to the Chief Electrical Inspector or his nominee and the Executive Engineer.
23. If on an application for the renewal of licence presented under Rule 22, the Licensing Authority does not for any reason, before the date of expiry of the licence either renew and return or refuse to renew the same, he shall grant temporary permit in Form 'F' annexed to these rules provided that the electrical certificate and structural stability certificate continue to remain valid:
Provided that such temporary permit shall be subject to the condition of licences sought to be renewed and shall be valid for a period of one month from the date of grant thereof and may be renewed by the Licensing Authority for one month at the time for a maximum period of two months, within which period the Executive Engineer and the Chief Electrical Inspector or his nominee shall submit reports to the Licensing Authority and the Licensing Authority shall take final decision on the basis of the above reports. No fee shall be levied for the grant of such temporary permit in Form "F". The temporary permit shall during the period of validity be deemed to be a licence for the purpose of these rules.

Additions and Alterations to Cinema Premises
24. No subsequent addition or alteration shall be made to premises in respect of which is licence has been granted or any part thereof, without the sanction of the Licensing Authority being obtained therefor and without the plans and drawings relating to such addition or alteration being approved by him.
25. The licensee shall give notice in Writing to the Licensing Authority of his intention to add to or alter the licensed premises or any portion thereof and such notice shall describe clearly the intended additions or alterations and be accompanied by complete plans, elevations and sections and block plan and Specifications of the Work proposed to be executed, drawn up in the manner required by Rule 4. The Licensing Authority shall before according sanction to the proposed addition or alteration, follow as far as may be, the procedure laid down in Rules 5 to 7. The Licensing Authority shall not accord sanction for the addition or alteration unless the Chief Electrical Inspector or his nominee and the Executive Engineer have approved the addition or alterations.
26. The licence and the plan and drawing attached thereto shall be produced on demand by any Police Officer not below the rank of Sub Inspector or by the Licensing Authority or by any persons authorised by him or by the Executive Engineer or any Officer deputed by him or the Chief Electrical Inspector or his nominee.
27. The licensee, his servants and agents shall comply with all orders issued by the Executive Engineer or the Chief Electrical Inspector or his nominee or the Licensing Authority or Police Officers acting on their behalf from time to time or as occasion arises for the safety or convenience of the public or for the preservation of order or of the public peace. The Licensing Authority may if special circumstances so require impose safeguards in addition to those laid down in these rules.
28. Restrictions in respect of distance between cinemas shall be as specified below:-
(1)There shall be no distance restriction between a permanent cinema and another permanent cinema whether they are situated in the jurisdiction of the same Licensing Authority or not.
(2) The distance between two temporary cinemas or one permanent cinema and a temporary cinema shall not be less than 800 metres provided that this distance restriction shall not apply to the case of -
(a) Construction of a permanent cinema near a temporary cinema whether falling within the jurisdiction of the same Licensing Authority or not in which case the distance restriction shall be 100 metres;
(b) Construction of a cinema, permanent or temporary within the jurisdiction of a local authority where there is no cinema:

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