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16. The period of validity of the licence shall not extend beyond the date of validity of either of the certificates.
17. Permanent and temporary cinemas may be licensed for any period not exceeding one year provided that:
(a) if the licensee of a temporary cinema closes the cinema at any time during the currency of the licence, he shall intimate the fact to the Licensing Authority with reasons therefor and if the closure is found not for valid and justified reasons the Licensing Authority shall under intimation to the licensee declare that the licence ceases to be valid from the date of such closure and that renewal of licence shall be done only if fresh structural soundness certificate in Form 'C' and electrical certificate in Form 'D' are produced; and
(b) no fresh permission or licences shall be granted for temporary cinemas in Municipal Corporations, Municipalities and Townships in the State.
18. Every licence issued under these rules shall be exhibited in a conspicuous place in the licensed premises and shall be produced for inspection on demand by the Licensing and Inspecting Authorities or Officers authorised by such authorities.

==== FEES ====
19. (1) For every permission under Section 6 of the Act granted or renewed under these rules, a fee shall be collected at the following rates:-
Temporary Theatre 2Rs. 250 (Rupees two hundred and fifty only)
Permanent Theatre 3Rs.1000 (Rupees One Thousand only)
(2) For every licence under Section 3 of the Act when granted or renewed a fee shall be charged according to the scale laid down below:- For an annual licence for permanent cinema and for licence for temporary cinema for a period of 12 months “Rs. 1000 (One Thousand only) (3) Duplicate of licence or permission may be granted on payment of a fee of Rupees 25.
(4) In the case of refusal of the grant or renewal of the permission or licence, a refund at the rate of one half of the total amount of the fee collected may be made to the applicant. The application for such refund shall, however, be made by the applicant within one month from the date of the receipt of the orders of rejection of his application for grant or renewal of licence or permit as the case may be.
20. In cases where it may not be feasible for the concerned authorities to issue the certificates mentioned in Rule 15 for a full term of one year, the Licensing Authority shall grant/renew licence for the period of validity of such certificates, realising only the proportionate amount of the licence fee prescribed in Rule 19. The period less than one month in such cases shall be reckoned as one month.

21. The licensee of a temporary cinema shall give two months' advance intimation in Writing to the Licensing Authority, the Executive Engineer and the Chief Electrical Inspector or his nominee of his intention to do maintenance work with details of the items of work proposed to be done and the period during which the work will be done, provided that such advance intimation shall not be necessary where the repairs have to be made in circumstances beyond the control of the licensee. The Executive Engineer and the Chief Electrical Inspector or his nominee on receipt of the intimation shall arrange for the inspection and if satisfied that the maintenance has been done satisfactorily shall advise the licensee and Licensing Authority accordingly.

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