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16. No person shall

(i) in the removal of filth, use any chart or receptacle not having a covering properfor preventing the escape of the contents thereof or of the stench therefrom, or

(ii) intentionally or negligently spill any filth in the removal thereof, or

(iii) omit to Sweep and clean carefully every place in which any such filth has been spilled, or

(iv) place or set down in any public place any filth whether in a vessel closed or open.

17. No person shall place on the surface of the ground or otherwise dispose of human excreta in such a manner as is likely to contaminate any source of water which is used or likely to be used for drinking or any other domestic purposes.


Bore-Hole Latrines

18. The rules in this part shall apply to bore-hole latrines only.

(1) The bore-hole latrine shall be so constructed that the entrance to it is from an open space and not directly from a habitable portion of the main building.

(2) It shall be situated at a distance of not less than 20 feet from the rest of the building.

(3) It shall be situated at a distance of not less than 40 feet from any Well, Spring or stream of water used or likely to be used by men for drinking or domestic purposes or for the manufacture of drinks for use of men:

Provided that this sub-rule shall not be deemed to authorize the construction of a bore-hole latrine at any place if it is likely to render the water in any such well, spring or stream liable to contamination.

(a) its diameter shall not exceed 16 inches and its depth shall be not less than 12 feet;

(b) its sides shall be lined with matting or similar material if it is sunk in loose soil;

(c) a concrete squatting slab or a seat made of durable material and provided with suitable opening in the centre for the deposit of excreta shall be placed over the bore-hole;

(d) the Squatting slab or seat shall rest on a secure foundation.

20. The occupier of a premises in which a bore-hole latrine has been provided shall fill or cause to be filled such latrines with earth if the level of the excretal contents therein is within three feet from the opening of the bore-hole.

21. If any bore-hole latrine is filled with earth in accordance with the provisions of Rule 20, the owner of the premises shall provide another bore-hole latrine for the use of the occupiers of such premises.

22. The occupier of a premises in which a bore-hole latrine is provided shall maintain it in such a condition as to check the breeding of flies, and shall adopt such measures as may be specified by the Health Officer for this purpose.

23. A bore-hole latrine which is intended or constructed for the deposit of human excreta shall not be used for depositing any other refuse.



25. Whoever contravenes

(a) any of the provisions contained in any of these rules, or

(b) disobeys or fails to comply with any direction given or any requisition made in pursuance of these rules shall be punishable

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