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Madras Public Health Act, 1939, of a notice issued under sub-section (2) of the section shall be made in the following manner, namely:-

(i) by affixation of copies of the notice in English and in the language or languages of the district in a conspicuous position at or near the source or sources of water-supply; and

(ii) by beat of drum in the local area to which water is, or is proposed to be, supplied from the source of Water-supply.


In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 16 and sub-section (1) and Clause (a) of sub-section (2) of Section 128 of the Madras Public Health Act, 1939 (Madras Act III of 1939), His Excellency the Governor of Madras is hereby pleased to make the following rules:-

1. These rules may be called the Lodging Houses (Upkeep and Maintenance) Rules, 1940.

2. In these rules, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context "keeper of a lodging house” includes his deputy.

3. (1) Every person applying to the executive authority for registration or for the renewal of his registration as a keeper of a lodging house shall specify in his application the following particulars:—

(a) his full name and place of residence;

(b) the full names and the places of residence of any persons who are to act as deputies of the keeper of the lodging house; (c) the full name and place of residence of the owner of the premises;

(d) the situation of the lodging house;

(e) the total number of rooms in the lodging house, the dimensions of each room and the purpose or purposes for which each room is proposed to be used; and

(f) the other Space Such as Verandahs, Open spaces, and yards available in the lodging house.

(2) He shall Submit a plan of the lodging house in duplicate showing the details specified in Clauses (e) and (f) of sub-rule (1) at the time of registration and also whenever there is any alteration in the plan of the lodging house.

4. Premises used as a lodging house shall be constructed of masonry or of such other durable material as may be approved by the Health Officer or executive authority and no part thereof shall be constructed of inflammable materials: Provided that in the case of any premises used as a lodging house temporarily for a period not exceeding two Weeks the provisions of the rule may be waived by the Health Officer or executive authority.

5. Every room in lodging house intended for habitation by the lodgers shall have windows opening into the external air or into a Verandah opening into the external air. The total area of such windows shall not be less than 10 percent of the floor area of such room, and all such windows shall be maintained in good order and efficient action.

6. The keeper of a lodging house shall not permit any room wholly or partly used for habitation to be occupied at any one time by a greater number of persons than will allow 40 square feet of floor space and 400 cubic feet for each person exceeding 10 years of age and 95 square feet of floor space and 250 cubic feet for each person not exceeding 10 years of age:

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