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SCH - I (b) 94 96 2&3 5 x X x X) 99 (a) (b) 101 106 (1) (2) 108 (1) 109 110 111 (1) 113 (2) 114 115 (5) 119 124 129 1&3 THE MADRAS PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1939 151 Failure of factories, workshops, etc., to comply Five hundred rupees with restrictions imposed Illegal erection of building on incinerate ground Two hundred rupees Failure to cease to inhabit a dwelling house Two hundred rupees declared unfit for human habitation or permitting it to be let or occupied as a dwelling-house Failure to maintain a tenement in a habitable Fifty rupees Condition Causing or permitting a tenement to be Fifty rupees over-crowded Keeping a lodging house or receiving a lodger One hundred rupees without registration Failure to affix notice Ten rupees Refusal to allow free access to the executive One hundred rupees authority, etc., to all parts of the lodging house Selling, etc., unsound meat or food One hundred rupees Selling, etc., unsound meat or food through others One hundred rupees Consuming the flesh of any animal which has One hundred rupees died of natural causes. - - - Unlawfully importing meat from outside local area One hundred rupees. Infected person carrying on trade, etc., in One hundred rupees articles of food : Failure to furnish information regarding the Fifty rupees. sources of supply of milk or dairy produce Failure to comply with the order prohibiting the Two hundred rupees. supply of milk ordairy produce : Failure to inform the proper authority about the Fifty rupees date and other particulars regarding fair or festival . Failure to comply with notic ose or disinfect One hundred rupees source of water-supply వ్లో - Accommodating visitors without licence, or Fifty rupees infringing conditions of licence SCHEDULE Penalties for Continuing Breaches (See Section 134(2)] Section Sub-Section Subject . Fine which may or clause be imposed 7 2 3 4 24 (1) Failure of the owner or other persons Ten rupees having control to obey or comply with the directions contained in a notice requiring to keep any well, etc., in good repair, to cleanse it, or protect, etc.

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