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to the fair or festival, without obtaining a licence in that behalf from the executive authority or the Health Officer of the local authority or any of the local authorities Concerned.

This provision shall not apply to tenancies from month to month or for a period exceeding one month.

(2) Every application for a licence under sub-section (1) shall be in writing, shall contain such information as may be required by the authority to whom it is addressed, and shall be accompanied by such fee as may be prescribed for the grant of the licence.

(3)(a) If it appears to the executive authority or the Health Officer, as the case may be, that the house is suitable for accommodating visitors to the fair or festival, he may issue a licence, in the prescribed form and subject to the prescribed conditions, for the accommodation in the house of such number of visitors as may, in his opinion, be conveniently received therein, having regard to the number of persons resident in the house, whether as members of the family or as servants of the owner or occupier.

            (b) The licence shall also specify-

                (i) the maximum number of persons (residents and visitors) who may be accommodated in the house at any one time; and

                (ii) the date until which it shall remain in force.

(4) If the authority granting the licence is satisfied that the licensed house has, subsequent to the grant of the licence, become unfit for the accommodation of visitors, or if the licensee is convicted of any offence punishable under this Chapter, such authority may revoke the licence or, at his discretion, may suspend the licence for such period or until the fulfillment of such condition, as he may specify.

125A. Extension of provisions of Chapter to certain areas.-

The Government may, by notification and subject to such modifications, if any, as may be specified therein, extend all or any of the foregoing provisions of this Chapter or any other provision in this Act connected therewith, to any local area or part of a local area in which a large number of persons attending a fair or festival held in a notified fair or festival centre halt or are expected to halt on their way to, or return from, such centre.



126. Manner of spending proceeds of taxes and tolls levied in respect of fairs and festivals.-

If in respect of any fair or festival, any tax or toll is levied under Section 117 or Section 118 of this Act, or under Section 116 of the Madras District Municipalities Act, 1920, or Section 110 of the Madras Local Boards Act, 1920, the local authority shall have power to spend the proceeds thereof in connection with the fair or festival or for the benefit generally of the local area concerned, in such manner as the Government may, by general or special order, authorise.

127. Earmarking of revenue by local authorities for expenditure on public health -

(1) Every municipality shall earmark not less than 30 percent of its income from all sources other than Government grants, for expenditure on the advancement of public health in its local area, including expenditure on medical relief, and every district board or panchayat shall similarly earmark not less than 12 ½ per cent of its income from such sources:

Provided that the Government may, for financial or other reasons, vary the provisions of this sub-section to such extent as they may think fit in the case of any municipality or district board or any panchayat or class of panchayats,

(2)(a) The Government may, by notification, authorise any local authority or class of local authorities to incur expenditure on any public health purpose specified in the notification,

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