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        (d) the full names and the places of residence of any person who are to act as deputies of the keeper of the lodging house.

103. Conditions of registration and of renewal of registration.–

(1) An executive authority on receiving from any person an application for registration, or for the renewal of the registration as a keeper of a lodging house, and on payment by him of such fee, if any, as may be prescribed for the purpose, shall register the applicant in respect of the lodging house named in the application or renew his registration in respect thereof and issue to him a certificate of registration or of renewal of registration:

Provided that the executive authority

            (a) shall not register an applicant until the Health Officer has inspected the premises named in the application and has recommended such registration; and

            (b) may refuse to register or, to renew the registration of, an applicant if he is satisfied that

                (i) the applicant or any person employed or proposed to be employed by the applicant at the lodging house as a deputy or otherwise is not a fit person, whether by reason of age or otherwise, to keep or to be employed at a lodging house; or

                (ii) the premises are not suitable for use as lodging house or are not as regards sanitation and water-supply and in other respects including means of escape in case of fire, suitably equipped for use as such; or

                (iii) the use of the premises as lodging house is likely to occasion inconvenience or annoyance to persons residing in the neighbourhood.

(2) The registration, or the renewal of the registration, of a person as a keeper of a lodging house shall expire at the end of the year for which it is granted unless, for special reasons, the executive authority considers that it should expire at an earlier date, when it shall expire at such earlier date which shall be specified in the certificate of registration or of renewal of registration.

(3) If an executive authority refuses to grant or renew registration under this section, he shall deliver to the applicant a statement in writing of the grounds on which his application is refused.

(4) If at any time, a person registered as the keeper of a lodging house applies for the removal from the register of the name of any person entered therein as a deputy of the keeper, or for the insertion therein of the name of any other person, being a person approved by the executive authority, whom the keeper proposes to employ as a deputy, the executive authority shall alter the register accordingly and make any consequential alterations in the certificate of registration.

104. Appeal to local authority.—

Aperson aggrieved by the refusal of an executive authority to grant or renew registration under Section 103 may appeal to the local authority.

105. Rules for the upkeep and maintenance of lodging houses.-

The Government shall have power to make rules

        (a) for fixing the number of persons who may be received into a lodging house and for the separate accommodation of the sexes therein;

        (b) for promoting cleanliness and ventilation in lodging houses and requiring the walls and ceiling thereof to be lime-washed or treated with some other suitable preparation, at specified intervals;

        (c) with respect to the taking of precautions when any case of infectious disease occurs in a lodging house; and

        (d) generally for the well-ordering of lodging houses.

106. Notice to be affixed outside the lodging house.

(1) The keeper of a lodging house shall, if so required by the executive authority, affix, and keep affixed and undefaced and legible, a notice with the words “Registered lodging house" in some conspicuous place on the outside of the house.

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