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            (a) serve a notice on such occupier or owner, requiring him to take such steps and within such time as may be specified in the notice, or

            (b) enter upon such premises and take such steps as may be necessary for the purpose of destroying the rats, mice, and other animals susceptible to plague infesting the same, after giving not less than twenty-four hours previous notice to such occupier or owner.

(3) Any expenses incurred under Clause (b) of sub-section (2) may be recovered by the local authority concerned from the occupier or owner, as the case may be, as if it were a tax due from him to the local authority.


Veneral Diseases

78. Provision for treatment of venereal diseases by local authorities.-

(1) A local authority may, and if so required by the Government shall, make such arrangements in its local area as may be directed by the Government for

            (a) the free diagnosis and treatment of persons suffering, or suspected to suffer, from venereal diseases; and

            (b) the prevention of infection from such diseases.

(2) The local authority may for the purpose mentioned in sub-section (1), enter into a contract—

            (a) with any other local authority, or

            (b) with a hospital or medical institution recognised by the Government in this behalf, or

            (c) with the sanction of the Government, with any medical practitioner registered under the Madras Medical Registration Act, 1914.

79. Patient to be instructed in methods of prevention of the spread of venereal disease.-

Every physician or other person treating, or examining with a view to treatment, a person having a venereal disease shall, at the first visit –

        (a) impress upon such person the necessity for treatment until the cure is effected;

        (b) instruct him in regard to the measures necessary for preventing the spread of the disease; and

        (c) furnish him with such other information relating to the disease as may be provided by the Director of Health Services.

80. Certain medical practitioners to certify as to freedom from venereal disease.-

Every medical practitioner registered under the Madras Medical Registration Act, 1914 and included in a panel published by the Government for the purposes of this section shall be bound, at the instance of a person desirous of obtaining a certificate under this section and on payment of a fee of five rupees, to examine such person, and if he finds that such person is not suffering from a venereal disease, or has been cured thereof, to furnish to such person a certificate to that effect in the prescribed form.


Power to make rules

81. Rules for the prevention, treatment and control of certain diseases.-

The Government shall have power to make such rules as they deem fit for the treatment of persons affected with any epidemic, endemic or infectious disease and for preventing the spread of such disease and the rules may declare by what authority or authorities such rules shall be enforced and executed.

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