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(2) Where a direction is issued under sub-section (1) in respect of any function, the Government may, by general or special order

            (a) determine, or provide for the determination of, the expenses incurred by the district board in performing Such function in the area or areas comprised within the jurisdiction of any panchayat or panchayats, and

            (b) apportion, or provide for the apportionment of, such expenses between the district board and the panchayat or panchayats concerned.

7. Powers of the Director of Health Services to advice local authorities -

Director of Health Services may, from time to time, as Occasion requires, recommend for adoption, by any local authority, Such measures as may be necessary for improving the public health administration in the local area, or for safeguarding the public health therein:

Provided that if on account of financial or other reasons, any local authority is unable to carry out such measures, or if there is any difference of opinion between the local authority and the Director, the matter shall be referred to the Government whose decision shall be final.

Public Health Establishments of local Authorities

8. Public Health staff in local areas -

(1) The public health establishment of every local authority (other than the Corporation of Madras) shall be on such scale as the Government may from time to time direct.

(2) The authorities who may make appointments to the public health establishments referred to in sub-section (1), the conditions of service of the members of such establishments, and the duties of such members shall, notwithstanding anything contained in the Madras District Municipalities Act, 1920, or the Madras Local Boards Act, 1920, be governed by regulations, not inconsistent with this Act, made by the Government. Such regulations may lay down the extent to which the Director of Health Services shall have disciplinary control over the members of such public health establishments.

9.Appointment or nomination of Health Officer -

(1) Every village panchayat and municipality shall have a Health Officer.

(2) Where in the area of a village panchayat or municipality there is no Health Officer posted, the Government may nominate a medical officer serving in any health institution under the control of the village panchayat or municipality, as the case may be, to function as the Health Officer ex-officio of that village panchayat or municipality: Provided that if no such medical officer as aforesaid is available for nomination, the Government may nominate a medical officer under the control of a nearby village panchayat or municipality to function as the Health Officer ex-officio.

10. Appointment of temporary Health Officers in emergencies -

(1) In the event of the prevalence or threatened out break of any infectious disease in any local area, or of any unusual mortality therein, the Government may, by order, appoint temporarily for such period as may be specified therein, one or more additional Health Officers, for the treatment of such infectious

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