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2 Permitting person known to suffer from leprosy Ten Rupees
to attend School or take books or newspapers
from public library, etc.
89 1 Failure to comply with notice requiring steps Ten Rupees
be taken against the breeding of mosquitoes
98 (a) Construction of factories, workshops, etc., in One hundred rupees
residential areas
(b) Failure of factories, workshops, etc., to comply Fifty rupees
with restrictions imposed
102 2&3 Failure to cease to inhabit a dwelling house Twenty rupees
declared unfit for human habitation; or permitting
it to be let or occupied as dwelling house
103 Constructing back-to-back houses without Ten rupees
105 (a) Failure to maintain a tenement in a habitable Ten rupees
(b) Causing or permitting a tenement to be Ten rupees
107 Keeping a lodging house or receiving a lodger Twenty rupees
without registration
112 1 Failure to affix notice Two rupees
2 Refusal to allow free access to the executive Ten rupees
authority, etc., to all parts of the lodging house
115 Selling, etc., unsound meat or food through others Twenty rupees
119 2 Infected person carrying on trade, etc., in articles Twenty rupees
of food
121 5 Failure to comply with the order prohibiting the Twenty rupees
supply of milk or diary produce
128 Failure to comply with notice to close or Twenty-fiverupees
disinfect source of water supply
129 (1) & (3) Accommodating visitors without licence or Ten rupees
infringing conditions of licence


Rules For Waccination in Rural Areas Under Section 86 In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 86 of the Travancore-Cochin Public Health Act, 1955 (Act XVI of 1955), the Government of Kerala hereby make the following Rules, the same having been previously published as required by Section 138 (1) of the said Act.

1. Definitions.

In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(i) "Parent" means the father or mother of a legitimate child and the mother of an illegitimate child.
(ii) "Guardian" means any person to whom the care, nurture or custody of any child falls by law or by natural right or recognised usage, or who has accepted or assumed the care, nurture or custody of any child or to whom the care, nurture or custody of any child has been entrusted by

any authority lawfully authorised in that behalf. (iii) “Vaccinator" means any Health Assistant appointed by the Government to perform the

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