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27 Failure to comply with notice requiring to Connect a house drain with an outside drain Twenty five rupees
28 Failure on the part of the owner of land to comply with notice requiring a drain for a hut On the land Fifty Rupees
29 Failure to comply with notice for paving or raising the level of any court, yard etc., Twenty five rupees
30 (1) Unlawful construction of cess-pool or construction of Cesspool on un-approved site Fifty Rupees
30 (2) Failure to comply with notice requiring removal or closure of Cesspool Fifty Rupees
31 Occupying or permitting occupation of new building without drain Fifty Rupees
32 Letting out Sullage or sewage into a street, etc. Fifty Rupees
33 Discharging injurious refuse etc., into a drain Fifty Rupees
34 Polluting water-course One hundred rupees
36 Constructing or re-constructing a building intended for human habitation without a sanitary convenience Fifty Rupees
37 Failure to comply with notice regarding provision of sanitary conveniences or latrins Fifty Rupees
38 (1) Failure to construct and maintain latrines in the prescribed manner Fifty Rupees
38 (2) Failure to comply with notice regarding removal or improvement of latrines Fifty Rupees
38 (3) Causing injury to latrines Fifty Rupees
42 Failure to comply with notice to abate nuisance Fifty Rupees
44 Failure to comply With Magistrate's order prohibiting the use of a house or building One hundred rupees
49 (1) Depositing filth, rubbish, etc., in streets Fifty Rupees
49 (2) Easing or permitting a member Of the family to ease in a street, etc., Twenty five rupees
49 (3) Failure to cover excreta with earth Two rupees
54 Failure to give information regarding existence of certain infectious diseases Twenty five rupees
55 (2) Failure to comply with notice prohibiting the use of unwholesome water Fifty Rupees
57 Exposing other persons to infection Twenty five rupees
58 (a) Infected persons carrying on trade in articles of food Fifty Rupees
58 (b) Infected persons engaging in other occupations without permit Fifty Rupees
62 Failure to give infor n ation Of notified diseases Twenty five rupees
65 Failure to lose dging houses, etc. One hundred rupees
66 Sending infected clothes es to a laundry or depositing infected ar icles in receptacle for refuse matter Fifty Rupees
67 (1,2,3 & 5) Using or permitting use of public conveyance by an infected person Fifty Rupees

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