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(10) the detection and segregation of cases of infectious disease and the prevention of the introduction and spread of such diseases;

(11) the employment of adequate medical staff, the provision of medical relief, and the furnishing of hospital accommodation both for general and isolation purposes; and

(12) such other purposes as may be prescribed.

125. Health Officer to supervise the arrangements.-

The arrangements mentioned in section 124 shall be executed under the supervision and control of the Health Officer concerned, or if the fair or festival is held within the jurisdiction of more than one local authority, under the supervision and control of the Health Officer of one of such local authorities designated by the person or Committee referred to in section 124, or in case no Health Officer is so designated, under the supervision and control of the Health Officers concerned within their respective local area.S.

126. Power to enter and seize unwholesome food.-

(1) The Health Officer, or a Health or Sanitary Inspector of the Local authority or of any of the local authorities concerned, or any officer of the Government or of any such local authority appointed by the Government in this behalf, may(a) enter and inspect any building or shop in the fair or festival centre, which is a source of food supply; (b) for the purpose of inspection, have access to any source of water supply on such centre or within such distance therefrom as the Government may, by general or special order, determine; and (c) seize any food prepared or offered for sale or stored or in course of transit within the fair or festival centre which has reason to believe is unwholesome or unfit for human consumption, and destroy the same forth with, if in his opinion such food is of a perishable nature or the value thereof does not exceed ten rupees.

(2)(a) Any officer seizing any food under clause (c) of sub-section (1) shall, if it is not destroyed under that clause, report the seizure to such authority or person as may be prescribed in that behalf. (b) If the authority or person aforesaid is of opinion that the food is unwholesome or unfit for human consumption, such authority or person may, by order in writing, direct the food to be destroyed; and any expenses incurred in this behalf (including the cost, if any, of analysing the food or sample thereof), shall be recoverable from the person from whom the food was seized, as if it Were an arrear of land revenue. (c) If the authority or person aforesaid is of opinion that such food is wholesome and fit for human consumption, the food shall be returned to the person from whom it was seized; and the cost, if any, of analysing the food or a sample there of shall be borne by the local authorities concerned.

127. Occupation of building, etc., required in connection with fair or festival.-

(1) The local authority may, in cases of emergency with the sanction of the Collector, depute any person to enter upon, OCCupy and use, without having recourse to the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act, for the time being in force, any land or any building not being a dwelling house in the notified fair or festival centre which, in the opinion of the Health Officer, is required and is suitable for any purposes connected with the fair or festival such as the construction of pilgrim sheds, water-sheds, hospitals, segregation-sheds, latrines and the like: Provided that if the land or building is occupied, notice shall be given to the occupants or be conspicuously affixed on such land or building not less than twenty four hours before it is entered upon. (2) The owner or lessee of such land or building shall be entitled to compensation for any damage or expenses incurred, and to a reasonable rent for the period during which it had been occupied or used for any of the purposes referred to in sub-section (1). Such compensation and rent shall be fixed by the Collector.

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