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(2) Any flesh brought into the local area in contravention of sub-section (1) may be seized by the Health Officer or any officer or servant of the local authority authorised by him in that behalf, and sold or otherwise disposed of as the Health Officer may direct; and in case of sale, the sale proceeds shall be credited to the funds of the local authority.

(3) Nothing in this section shall be deemed to apply to

          (a) cured or preserved meat; or

          (b) flesh or meat carried through any local area for consumption outside the limits thereof and not stored anywhere within such limits in the course of transit; or

          (c) flesh or meat brought into the local area by any person for immediate domestic consumption and not for sale:

Provided that the local authority may, by public notice, direct that the provisions of this section shall apply to cured or preserved meat of any specified description or brought from any specified place. 118. Power of Health Officer to enter premises used for food trade.- The Health Officer may, without notice, enter any place at any time by day or by night where any article of food is being manufactured, prepared, exposed or stored for sale, and inspect such article and any utensil or vessel used for manufacturing, preparing or containing the same.

119. Powers of Health Officer to deal with carriers of disease-handling food-

(1) The Health Officer may, at any time, examine or cause to be examined any person engaged in selling or in manufacturing or preparing for sale or in any manner whatsoever handling any article of food intended for sale.

(2) If on such examination the Health Officer finds that such person is suffering from or harbouring the germs of any infectious disease, such person shall not take part in selling any article of food or in manufacturing, preparing or in any manner handling any article of food intended for sale, until the Health Officer certifies in writing that he is free from infection from such disease or from disease producing germs.

120. Investigation of diseases caused by milk or dairy produce.-

(1) If the Health Officer has reason to believe

(a) that any person within the local area over which he has jurisdiction is suffering from an infectious disease attributable to milk or dairy produce supplied within such area; or

(b) that the consumption of any milk or dairy produce supplied within such local area is likely to cause any person therein to suffer from an infectious disease, the Health Officer may require the person supplying the milk or dairy produce to furnish within such time as may be fixed by the Health Officer a complete list of all dairies (whether situated within or Outside the limits of such area) from which that person's supply of milk or dairy produce is derived or has been derived during the six weeks immediately preceding.

(2) If such supply or any part of such supply is obtained not directly from a dairy but through some other person, the Health Officer may make a similar requisition upon such other person.

(3) Every person on whom any requisition is made under sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) shall be bound to comply therewith.

121. Inspection of dairy by Health Officer.-

(1) The Health Officer may inspect any dairy referred to in section 120, and the milch cattle and the employees therein, and if, on such inspection, the Health Officer is of opinion that any infectious disease is caused or is likely to be caused by the Consumption of the milk or dairy produce supplied from such dairy he may make an order prohibiting the supply of any milk or dairy produce for human consumption from such dairy.

(2) An order made under sub-section (1) shall be forthwith cancelled by the Health Officer on

his being satisfied that the milk supply has been changed, or that the employees objected to by him have ceased to work at the dairy or that the cause of infection has been removed.

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