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specified in the notice and remain there until such time as he is certified by an authorised practitioner to be no longer infectious.

          (ii) The notice shall allow a reasonable period for compliance therewith.

          (iii) if the person suffering from leprosy does not comply with the notice within the period allowed therein, the Health Officer may have him compulsorily removed to the segregation accommodation specified therein, using such force, as may be reasonably necessary for the purpose.

          (iv) The Health Officer may permit any person detained in the segregation accommodation to engage himself or accept employment in any of the capacities other than those specified in section 81 provided that it does-not involve the performance or any act specifically prohibited by this Act.

          (v) The notice referred to in clause (i) may be given to the persons who has the care of a person suffering from leprosy, and thereupon it shall be the duty of the former to remove the person suffering from leprosy to the segregation accommodation specified in the notice.

          (vi) if any person suffering from leprosy escapes from or leaves the segregation accommodation provided for him, without the written permission of the Health Officer or any other officer authorised by him in this behalf, such person may be arrested without a warrant by any police officer or by any one specially empowered by the Government and removed forthwith to such segregation accommodation.

          (vii) The local authority shall arrange for the food, clothing and other necessaries of every person suffering from leprosy who is detained in the segregation accommodation, but any such person shall be at liberty to make his own arrangements for his food, clothing or other necessaries.

          (viii) if any person is arrested under Clause (vi) after having been arrested and dealt with under that clause on at least three previous occasions, he shall, if the Health Officer so directs in writing, be produced before a Magistrate of the First Class who shall have power to order his detention in a leprosy annexe attached to a prison until such time as he is certified by an authorised practitioner to be no longer infectious; and thereupon all the provisions of the law for the time being in force shall, so far as may be and with such modifications if any, as may be prescribed, apply to such person as if he had been sentenced to simple imprisonment for the period for which such detention was ordered.

          If the Magistrate does not order such detention or if the order of detention passed by him is subsequently cancelled, whether by himself or by any other Magistrate of the First Class, the person arrested or detained, as the case may be, shall forthwith be removed to the segregation accommodation aforesaid.

85. Power to require fresh certificate that person suffering from leprosy is not infectious.--

Where any authority prescribed in this behalf has reason to believe that a certificate such as is referred to in section 81 or in Clause (1) of section 84 issued in respect of any person suffering from leprosy has ceased to be correct by reason of his having subsequently become infectious, such authority may require such person to obtain a fresh certificate from any authorised practitioner of his choice, as to the character of his leprosy, that is to say, as to whether he is or is not infectious.

          Unless a fresh certificate as aforesaid is obtained by the person suffering from leprosy within such period as may be prescribed and such certificate declares him to be non-infectious, the certificate previously issued shall, for the purpose of all the provisions contained in this Part, be deemed to have been cancelled.

PART V - Power to make rules
86. Rules for the prevention, treatment and control of certain diseases.-

The Government shall have power to make such rules as they deem fit for the treatment of persons

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