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69. Prohibition of the exposure of other persons to infection.-

(1) No person who knows that he is suffering from a notified disease shall expose other persons to the risk of infection by his presence or conduct in-

(a) any street or public place, or
(b) any market, theatre or other place of entertainment or assembly, or
(c) any school, college, playground or such other place, or
(d) any hotel, hostel, boarding house, choultry, rest house or club, or
(e) any factory or shop, or
(f) any public bathing place, or
(g) any other place of public resort.

Explanation.-A person shall be deemed to know that he is suffering from a notified disease within the meaning of this sub-section if he has been informed by the Health Officer or any other officer of the Public Health Department of the Government or of a local authority, not below the rank of Health or Sanitary Inspector, or a medical practitioner, that he is so suffering.

(2) No person who has the care of a person whom he knows to be suffering from a notified disease shall cause or permit that person to expose others to the risk of infection by his presence or conduct in any place referred to in sub-section (1).

70. Forbidding work in infected premises.-

(1) If a case of notified disease occurs on any premises, the Health Officer may, whether the person suffering from the disease has been removed from the premises or not, make an order forbidding any Work to which this section applies, to be given out to any person living or working on those premises or in such part thereof as may be specified in the order, and any order so made be served on the occupier of the factory from which the Work is given out or on any contractor employed by such occupier.

(2) An order under this section may be expressed to be operative for a specified time or until the premises or any part thereof specified in the order have been disinfected to the satisfaction of the Health Officer, or may be expressed to be inoperative so long as any other reasonable precautions specified in the order are taken.

(3) The Section applies to the making, cleaning, washing, altering, ornamenting, finishing or repairing of Wearing apparel and any work incidental thereto, and to such other classes of work as may, from time to time, be notified by the Director of Health Services.

71. Prohibition of use of public library by infected person.-

(1) No person who knows that he is Suffering from a notified disease shall take any book or newspaper, or cause any book or newspaper to be taken for his use, or use any book or newspaper taken, from any public or circulating library.

(2) If a person develops a notified disease while he is in possession of any such book or newspaper, he shall cause it to be disinfected before it is returned to the library.

(3) For the purposes of this section-

(a) "public library” shall include public reading room;
(b) "book" shall include every volume, part or division of a volume, pamphlet and leaflet in any language and every sheet of map, chart, or plan separately printed, lithographed or otherwise mechanically produced; and
(c) "newspaper” shall mean any periodical work containing public news or comments on public news.
72. Disposal of bodies of persons dying while suffering from notified disease.-

(1) No person having the charge or control of the body of any person who has died while suffering from a notified disease shall permit or suffer persons to come unnecessarily into contact with, or proximity to, the body.

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