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(a) obstructs the removal of any person to any hospital or other place under sub-section (1); or
(b) leaves or takes away any person from any such hospital or place in contravention of sub-section (3), shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to three months, or with fine not exceeding one hundred rupees or with both.
57. Prohibition of the exposure of other persons to infection.-

(1) No person who knows that he is suffering from an infectious disease not specified in Part II of this Chapter shall expose other persons to the risk of infection by his presence or conduct in -

(a) any market, theatre or other place of entertainment or assembly, or
(b) any School, College, play ground or such other place, or
(c) any hostel, hotel, boarding house, choultry, rest-house or club, or
(d) any factory or shop, or
(e) any public Conveyance, or
(f) any public bathing place, or
(g) any other place of public resort.

Explanation.-A person shall be deemed to know that he is suffering from an infectious disease within the meaning of this sub-section if he has been informed by the Health Officer or any other officer of the Public Health Department of the Government or a local authority, not below the rank of Health or Sanitary Inspector or a medical practitioner, that he is so suffering.

(2) No person who has the care of a person whom he knows to be suffering from an infectious disease not specified in Partill of this Chapter shall cause or permit that person to expose others to the risk of infection by his presence or conduct in any place referred to in sub-section (1).

58. Infected persons not to engage in certain trades and occupations.-

No person shall, while suffering from, or in circumstances in which he is likely to spread, any infectious disease-

(a) make, carry or offer for sale, or take any part in the business of making, carrying or offering for sale, any article of food for human consumption; or
(b) engage in any other occupation in a manner likely to carry infection to others without a special permit from the Health Officer of the local authority concerned or otherwise than in accordance with the conditions specified therein.
59. Prevention of infectious disease transmissible from animals.-

If in any local area, any infectious disease transmissible to man breaks out or is in the opinion of the Health Officer likely to break out, amongst cattle, or other animals, it shall be the duty of the Health Officer to recommended to the local authority the adoption of such measures as he may deem necessary for Suppressing or mitigating the disease or for preventing the Outbreak or threatened outbreak thereof; and the local authority shall consider such recommendations and take such action thereon as to it may seem suitable.

PART II - Notified infectious Diseases

60. Notified diseases.- In this, part, "notified diseases" means-

(a) anthrax, (b) chickenpox, (c) cholera
(d) diphtheria, (e) enteric fever, (f) malaria
(g) measles, (h) mumps, (i) plague,
(j) rabies, (k) small-pox, () tuberculosis infective types,
(m) whooping Cough, and
(n) any other disease which the Government may, from time to time, by notification, declare to be a notified disease for the purpose of this Part either generally throughout the State or in such part or parts thereof as may be specified in the notification.
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