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maintenance, and speedy remedy or immediate prevention is, in his opinion desirable, he may, by order, direct the local authority: to take such measures as may be specified therein and the local authority shall take action accordingly.

(2) If the local authority fails or makes default in taking the measures specified in the order issued under sub-section (1) within the time specified therein, the 13Director of Health Services shall report the mater to the Government. Thereupon the Government may authorise Such officer as they deem fit to take such measures and for that purpose to exercise any Specified powers of the local authority; and the expenses incurred by such officer shall be met from the funds of the local authority.

20. Railway administration to submit samples of drinking water for analysis.-

In the case of any Railway in the State, the Government may, by general or special order, require the authority administering the Railway to submit for analysis to such person or institution, in Such manner, and at such intervals as may be prescribed, samples of drinking water Supplied by Such authority at any station or stations on such Railway. For such analysis, the authority aforesaid shall pay to the Government such fee as may be prescribed by them.

21. Rules for the protection and periodical examination of water-supply.-

The Government shall have power to make rules providing for the protection and periodical examination of sources of water-supply in the State.

22. Health Officer's powers in regard to in sanitary sources.-

(1) The Health Officer may, at any time, by notice, require that the owner of, or any person having control over, any lake, stream, spring, well, tank, reservoir, pond or other source of water-supply which is used for drinking, bathing or washing clothes shall, whether the same is private property or not, within a reasonable time to be specified in the notice, or in any case falling under clause (d) within Such time as may be specified in the notice not being less than three days from the receipt thereof.-

(a) keep and maintain any such source of supply in such manner as the Health Officer may direct; or
(b) cleanse any such source of Water-supply from silt, refuse and vegetation; or
(c) protect any such source of water-supply from pollution by surface drainage in Such manner as the Health Officer may direct; or
(d) fillin, repair, protect or enclose in such manner as the Health Officer may direct any such source of water-supply if for want of sufficient repair, protection or enclosure, such source of water-supply is, in his opinion, dangerous to the health or safety of the public or of any person having Occasion to use or to pass or approach the same; or
(e) desist from using and from permitting others to use for drinking purposes any such source of water-supply if, in the opinion of the Health Officer, the water is unfit for drinking; or
(f) close any such of water-supply either temporarily or permanently, or fill up, enclose or fence the same in such manner as the Health Officer considers sufficient to prevent the use thereof for drinking purposes, if in his opinion the water is unfit for drinking; or
(g) drain off or otherwise remove from any such source of water-supply, or from any land or premises or receptacle or reservoir attached or adjacent thereto any stagnant water which the Health Officer considers to be either injurious to health or offensive to the neighborhood:

Provided that the provisions of Clauses (a) and (d) shall not apply to a stream:

Provided further that notice shall not be issued under clause (f) unless a notice has first been issued under Clause (e) and the source of water-supply in question continues to be used for drinking purposes notwithstanding the issue of such notice, and the Health Officer considers that such use cannot be prevented otherwise than by the issue of a notice under Clause (f).

(2) If the owner or person having control as aforesaid fails or neglects to comply with any notice issued under sub-section (1) within the time specified therein, the Health Officer may, if immediate action is necessary to protect the health or safety of any person or persons, at once

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