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14A. Local authority to manage health institutions.-

(1) The local authority shall manage health institutions transferred to it by Government.

(2) No sale, mortgage, lease, pledge, charge or transfer of possession of any land appurtenant to a health institution transferred to a local authority shall be made and such land shall not be used for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was transferred to a local authority.

(3) The Government may issue directions to the local authority on matters relating to health policy, planning for health facilities, standards to be maintained, mode of administration and it shall be the duty of the local authority to carry them out.

CHAPTER III - Water Supply
15. Local authority to provide potable water-

(1) Every local authority may, and if the Government so direct shall, provide or arrange for the provision of a sufficient supply of drinking Water for consumption by the inhabitants of the area within its jurisdiction.

(2) The local authority shall, So far as may be practicable, make adequate provision for securing-

(a) that the Water-supply is continuous throughout the year, and

(b) that the water supplied is at all times whole some and fit for human Consumption.

(3) A local authority may also provide or arrange for the provision of a sufficient supply of water for other domestic purposes or for non domestic purposes.

16. Power of Government to direct local authority to execute water works.-

(1) If, in the opinion of the Government, a local area does not possess a sufficient supply of wholesome water fit for the consumption of its inhabitants, they may direct the local authority Concerned, either singly or in Combination with the local authority or authorities having jurisdiction over any local area or areas in the neighborhood which are similarly situated, to execute, within such time as the Government may fix, such works as may be directed by the Government for providing a sufficient supply of wholesome water fit for human consumption.

(2) A local authority may, with the previous sanction of the Government-

(a) Construct, lay, or erect filters, reservoirs, engines, Conduits, pipes or other Works within the limits of its area, for supplying such area with water;
(b) purchase or take on lease any water-work or any Water, or any right to store or to take or convey Water, either within, or without the limits of its area; and
(c) contract with any local authority or to other person or agency for the supply of water.

(3) A local authority may, with the previous sanction of the Government, by public notice, declare any lake, stream, Spring, Well, tank, reservoir, pond or other source of water-supply, whether within or without the limits of its area (other than a source under the control of the Government), from which water is or may be made available for the use of the public in the local area for domestic purposes, to be a Source of public Water-supply for such purposes, and every such source shall thereafter be under the control of the local authority, only to the extent necessary for such purposes.

17. Power of Government to divert Water from water-main belonging to local authority-

The Government shall have power to take water from any water-main belonging to or in the Control of a local authority for supplying water to any other area, subject to such payment being made to the local authority Concerned and subject also to such other conditions as the Government may consider reasonable:

Provided that, before taking action under this section, tho Govornment shall communicate to the local authority the grounds on which they propose to do so, fix a reasonable period for the local authority to show cause against the proposal and consider its explanations or objections, if any.

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