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CHAPTERIX Mosquito Control

83. Prohibition of mosquito breeding in collections of water

84. Treatment of mosquito breeding places

85. Health Officer's powers in case of default

86. Protection of anti-mosquito works

87. Prohibition of interference with such works

88. Power of Health staff to enter and inspect premises

CHAPTER X Sanitation and Buildings

PART I - Residential Areas

89. Notification of residential areas

90. Approval of Director of Health Services and of Director of Town-Planning to be obtained for notification

91. Appeal against notification

92. Consequence of notification

93. Extension of Sections 89 to 92 to non-urban local authorities

PART II - Control over insanitary buildings

94. New building not to be erected on certain sites

95. Cleansing of court-yard or passage used in common

96. Dwelling house unfit for human habitation to be vacated

97. Omitted.

PART III - Abatement of Overcrowding

98. Definitions

99. Duties of landlord

100. Power to make rules

CHAPTER XI Lodging House

101. Lodging houses to be registered

102. Register of lodging houses

103. Conditions of registration and of renewal of registration

104. Appeal to local authority

105. Rules for the upkeep and maintenance of lodging houses

106. Notice to be affixed outside the lodging house

107. Cancellation of registration by Court

CHAPTER XII Food Control

108. Prohibition of sale of unsound food

109. Punishment for contravening provisions of Section 108, through others

110. Flesh of dead animal not to be consumed

111. Importing meat into local area

112. Power of Health Officer to enter premises used for food trade

113. Powers of Health Officer to deal with carriers of disease handling food

114. Investigation of diseases caused by milk or dairy produce

115. Inspection of dairy by Health Officer

CHAPTER XIII Fairs and Festivals

116. Notification of fairs and festivals by Government

117. Levy of pilgrim tax on travellers by inland waterways

118. Levy of tolls on vehicles

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