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7 Powers of the Director of Health Services to advice local authorities

Public Health Establishments of Local Authorities

8. Public Health staff in local areas

9. Appointment or nomination of Health Officer

10. Appointment of temporary Health Officers in emergencies

11. Delegation of powers of Health Officer

12. Appointment of persons to carry out the provisions of this Act

13. Powers of Director of Health Services over public health staff of local authorities

14. Health Officers control over public health staff

15. Local authority to provide adequate facilities to the Health Officer

16. Authorization of Health Officer to perform the functions of executive authority in public health matters

16A. Local authority to manage health institutions

CHAPTER III Water Supply

17. Local authority to provide potable water.

18. Power of Government to direct local authority to execute water works.

19. Power of Government to divert water from water-main belonging to a local authority

20. Power of Collector in regard to water-supply.

21. Powers of Director of Health Services to direct local authority to improve water-supply. ..

22. Railway administrations to submit samples of drinking water for analysis.

23. Rules for the protection and periodical examination of water supply.

24. Health Officer's powers in regard to insanitary sources.

25. Levy of water-tax and earmarking the proceeds for water-works

26. New house not to be occupied without adequate water-supply.


27. Local Authority to maintain public drains.

28. Power of Health Officer to require drains to be constructed.

29. Drains in private streets

30. Drainage for huts

31. Drainage of court-yard, alley, passage, etc.

32. Construction and closure of cesspools.

33. Prohibition of occupation of new building without drains

34. Sullage or sewage not to be let out into streets

35. Injurious refuse not to be discharged into public drains

36. Pollution of water-courses prohibited.

CHAPTER V Sanitary Conveniences

37. Obligation of local authority to provide public sanitary conveniences

38. New houses to be provided with sanitary conveniences.

39. Additional sanitary conveniences.

40. Mode of construction of latrines.

CHAPTER VI Abatement of Nuisances

41. Certain things to be nuisances.

42. Detection of nuisance.

43. Information regarding nuisance.

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