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106. Power to make rules

CHAPTER XI Lodging Houses

107. Lodging house to be registered

108. Register of lodging houses

109. Conditions of registration and of renewal of registration

110. Appeal to local authority

111. Rules for the upkeep and maintenance of lodging houses

112. Notice to be affixed outside lodging house

113. Cancellation of registration by court

CHAPTER XII Food Control

114. Prohibition of sale of unsound food

115. Punishment for contravening provisions of Section 114 through others

116. Flesh of dead animal not to be consumed

117. Importing meat into local area

118. Power of Health Officer to enter premises used for food trade

119. Powers of Health Officer to deal with carriers of disease-handling food

120. Investigation of diseases caused by milk or dairy produce

121. Inspection of dairy by Health Officer

CHAPTER XIII Fairs and Festivals

122. Notification of fairs and festivals by Government

123. Notice to be given of fair or festival

124. Sanitary arrangements etc

125. Health Officer to supervise the arrangements

126. Power to enter and seize unwholesome food

127. Occupation of building, etc., required in connection with fair or festival

128. Control over private sources of water-supply

129. Licensing of houses to accommodate visitors to fair or festival

130. Extension of provisions of Chapter to certain areas


131. Infectious disease in canal boats

132. Inspection of canal boats

133. Powers of Director of Health Services

CHAPTER XV Medical Inspection and Treatment of School Children

134. Medical Inspection of Schools


135. Earmaking of revenue by local authorities for expenditure on public health

CHAPTER XVII Rules, Bye-laws, Penalties, etc

136. Power of Government to make rules

137. Penalty for breach of rules

138. Procedure for making and the effect of rules

139. Bye-laws by local authorities

140. Breach of bye-laws

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