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72. Disposal of bodies of persons dying while suffering from notified disease

73. Power of Magistrate to prohibit an assembly of more than fifty persons

74. Power of Government to confer special powers on officers to control notified diseases

75. Destruction of rats, mice etc.

PART III - Venereal Diseases

76. Provision for treatment of venereal diseases by local authorities

77. Patient to be instructed in methods of prevention of the spread of veneral disease

78. Certain medical practitioners to certify as to freedom from venereal disease

PART IV - Leprosy

79. Definitions

80. Provision for treatment of leprosy by local authority

81. Persons suffering from leprosy not to engage in certain occupations

82. Persons suffering from leprosy not to use public conveyance

83. Prohibition of persons suffering from leprosy from attending school, college or taking out books or newspapers from public or circulating libraries

84. Segregation of persons suffering from leprosy

85. Power to require fresh certificate that person suffering from leprosy is not infectioous

PART V-Power to make rules

86. Rules for the prevention, treatment and control of certain diseases

CHAPTER VIII Maternity and Child Welfare

87. Local Authority to carry out maternity and child welfare measures

CHAPTER IX Mosquito Control

88. Prohibition of mosquito breeding in collection of water

89. Treatment of mosquito breeding places

90. Health Officer's power in case of default

91. Protection of anti-mosquito work

92. Protection of interference with such works

93. Power of health staff to enter and inspect premises

94. Financial inability, etc., sufficient defence

CHAPTER X Sanitation and Buildings

Part 1 - Residential Areas

95. Notification of residential areas

96. Approval of Director of Health Services and Director of Town Planning to be obtained for notification

97. Appeal against notification

98. Consequence of notification

99. Extension of Sections 95 to 98 to non-urban local authorities

Part II - Control over insanitary buildings

100. New building not to be erected on certain sites

101. Cleaning of court-yard, or passage used in common

102. Dwelling house unfit for human habitation to be vacated

103. Back-to-back houses not to be erected without permission

Part III - Abatement of overcrowding

104. Definitions

105. Duties of landlord

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