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31. Prohibition of occupation of new building without drains

32. Sullage or sewage not to be let out into streets

33. Injurious refuse not to be discharged into public drain 34. Pollution of Water-courses prohibited

CHAPTER V Sanitary Conveniences

35. Obligation of local authority to provide public sanitary conveniences

36. New houses to be provided with sanitary conveniences

37. Additional sanitary conveniences

38. Mode of Construction of latrines

CHAPTER VI Abatement of nuisances

39. Certain things to be nuisances

40. Detection of nuisance

41. Information regarding nuisance

42. Power of Health Officer to abate nuisance.

43. Power of local authority to abate nuisance

44. Provision regarding house rendered unfit for occupation by reason of nuisance

45. Disposal of articles removed while abating nuisance

46. Powers of entry and inspection

47. Power of Government in case of default by local authority

48. Nuisance caused by act of Omission Outside local area

49. Prohibition of the deposit of rubbish etc., in street etc

CHAPTER VII Prevention, Notification and Treatment of Diseases

Part-I infectious diseases in General

50. Infectious Diseases

51. Appointment of additional Health Staff

52. Provision and maintenance of isolation hospitals and Wards

53. Provision of ambulances, etc.

54. Medical practitioner to give information of certain infectious diseases

55. Prohibition of the use of Water from suspected source

56. Removal of infected person to hospital

57. Prohibition of the exposure of other persons to infection

58. Infected persons not to engage in certain trades and occupations

59. Prevention of infectious disease transmissible from animals

PART II - Notified infectious Diseases

60. Notified diseases

61. Occupation of houses to prevent the spread of infection

62. Information regarding notified diseases

63. Power of entry of local officers to take preventive measures

64. Destruction of hut or shed to prevent spread of infection

65. Closure of lodging houses

66. Infected cloth not to be sent to laundry

67. Infected persons not to use public conveyance

68. Letting or sub-letting a building occupied by an infected person

69. Prohibition of the exposure of other persons to infection

70. Forbidding work in infected premises

71. Prohibition of use of public library by infected person

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