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Navigation Rules - Kalvetti Canal, 1114 In exercise of the powers conferred by section 16 of the Canals and Public Ferries Act, 1890 (Madras Act II of 1890), and in supersession of all previous rules on the subject except the general rules published with the Public Works Department Notification at pages 1083-1091 of Part of the Fort St. George Gazette, dated the 25th September 1923, as subsequently amended, the Governor in Council is hereby pleased to make the following special rules to regulate navigation in the Kalvetti canal in Cochin, in addition to the general rules aforesaid:-

(1) All vessels using the canal shall be moored at one side of the canal or the other, leaving a clear space in the centre for other traffic.

(2) No vessel shall be allowed to be hauled over the canal embankment unless its owner has constructed a shed therefore.

(3) Owners of vessels of one ton and over who have provided adequate shed accommodation for their vessels shall register their names at the municipal office, Cochin, and thereupon they shall be given a Certificate of registration signed by the executive authority of the municipality.

(4) Logs of timber and rafts of any description shall enter the canal only during rising tide and shall be taken direct to the timber depots. The owners or persons in charge of such logs or rafts shall not keep them in the canal so as to obstruct traffic therein.

(5) No vessel shall be moored or tied to the municipal piles, the owners or persons in charge of Vessel making their own arrangements for securing them to stern.

Note:- Any infringement of the foregoing rules will attract the penalties prescribed by Section 17 and 20 of the Act.
Special Rules for the use of and payment of fees at landing places, Jetty and wharf

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 16 of the Canals and Public Ferries Act, 1890 (Madras Act II of 1890), the State Government are hereby pleased to make the following special rules for the use of, and the payment of fees at, the landing places, jetty and wharf notified under Section 6 of the Act:-


In these rules, the expression 'goods' shall include empty bags, baskets, boxes, casks or other receptacles in which goods are usually carried.

(2) The fee for the use of landing places, jetty and wharf referred to above shall be paid by the OWner of every boat which loads or unloads goods at any such landing place, jetty or Wharf near Chowghat, a ticket shall be issued on payment of the fees referred to above. Such ticket will permit the holder to make use of the jetty and landing place and wharf for a period not exceeding seven days from the date of issue counting from previous midnight.

(3) Goods shall not be stacked on any towpath or on the canal side of any towpath under any circumstances.

(4) All boats stopping for the purpose of loading or unloading goods at the landing places shall moor along the canal banks at the places specified by the Canal Officers.

(5) The penalty prescribed in rule 12 of the Navigation Rules for the West Coast Canals, published with Public Works Department's Notification, dated the 22nd September, 1923, at pages 1084-1988 of Part I of the Fort. St. George Gazette, dated the 25th September, 1923, shall apply to any infringement of these rules or any refusal by the owner or other person in charge of a boat to furnish any information required by a Canal Officer.

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