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when loaded shall navigate the canals numbered (1), (2) and (3) above. No vessel or raft more than 9 feet in breadth or drawing more than 2 feet of water when loaded shall navigate the canal numbered (4) above:

Provided that the Collector or the Executive Engineer, for special reasons, exempt any vessel from any of these restrictions temporarily

34. Out-break of epidemic diseases on board of vessels.-

(1) It shall be the duty of the master of a vessel in any canal to report the occurrence on such vessel of any case of cholera or smallpox at the lock, wharf or licensing station at which the vessel arrives next after such occurrence, the report to be made to the lock or wharf superintendents or other officers of the Public Works Department in charge at such places.

(2) The Public Works Department in charge shall, under section 7 of the Canals and Public Ferries Act, 1890, stop such vessel at once from proceeding further, remove all passengers or other persons from the vessel, and isolate it as far as possible until it has been disinfected.

(3) The Canal officers shall report the occurrence to the nearest Medical Officer and shall, until the arrival of that Officer, render every assistance in their power to subdue the outbreak by the distribution of medicines and disinfectants.

(4) The vessel shall not be allowed to proceed without a written permit from the Medical Officer.

35. Carriage of lepers.-

No person suffering from leprosy shall be carried on board any vessel licensed to carry passengers unless

(i) arrangements have been made to the satisfaction of the canal officer for the separation of the person and his attendants during the whole time that they remain on the vessel from other persons carried in the same vessel, and

(ii) any other special precautions which the canal officer may consider necessary have been taken to prevent infection being communicated to other persons employed on or travelling in the vessel.

36. In these rules, unless there is anything repugnant to the Subject or Context, "Government" means

the "Government of Madras".

FORM (Vide rule 3)
(In Duplicate)
Licence for a steamer or motor vessel

The vessel described below is licensed to carry passengers and goods and to ply for hire on the lines of navigation specified below subject to the following conditions:-

1.          Number of licence

2.          Owners' name

3.          Owners' residence

4.          Description of vessel

5.          Place where vessel was built

6.          Year in which vessel was built

7.          Extreme dimensions

8.          Measurements for tonnage           {Length, feet Breadth, feet

9.          Contents, cubic feet           {Lenght,feet, Breadth, feet,Depth, feet

10.        Gross tonnage           {Lenght,feet, Breadth, feet,Depth, feet

11.        Deduction

12.        Registered tonnage

13.        Date of expiry of licence, last day of the Malayalam year

14.        Amount of licence fee paid, Rupees

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