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shall be endorsed on the original licence immediately under the order of suspension, which latter shall thereupon cease to have any effect. The order of suspension shall declare that it shall be in force unless and until such certificate shall be served upon and be filled by the officer who suspended the original licence.

26. Marks and Figures to be painted on vessels.-

The owners of vessels other than rafts shall have the following figures and marks painted conspicuously on their vessels before using them on any of the canals and shall be responsible that those marks and figures are not defaced or obliterated.

(1) The number of licence or certificate registration and the initial M shall be painted on each bow.
(2) The tonnage of the vessel shall be similarly painted on each side of the stern post above the load line.
(3) The number of passengers, which the vessel is licenced to carry, on the stern of each such vessel or on the after-part of the cabin with the letter P prefixed.
(4) The load line for a length of 3 feet amidships, on both sides.
(5) Gauges in feet and tenth, with figures indicating feet and half feet, shall be painted on both ends of vessels to enable their actual draft to be readily ascertained at any time.

The said numerals and letters shall be in English and shall be painted in white on a black ground or black on a white ground. Each numeral or letter shall be not less than 4 inches in length and of proportionate breadth.

Note:- Clauses (1), (2), and (5) of the rule will apply to all private vessels intended for the personal use of the owners.
27. Circulation of rules.-

A copy of the navigation rules, in English or in the Vernacular, shall at the time of registration or taking out a licence for every vessel other than a raft, be given to the owner or person in charge thereof, if he has not already got one and his signature taken in the register in token that he has received or has already in his possession a copy of the rules.

28. Mooring of vessels.-

The Collector or the Executive Engineer, may from time to time, notify that no vessel shall be moored, or that no cargo shall be loaded or unloaded or passengers shipped or landed in any canal or part of a canal, except at specified places. Such notifications may be made applicable only to vessels carrying certain classes of goods.

29. Temporary suspension of traffic.-

The Collector or the Executive Engineer may from time to time notify that navigation shall be suspended temporarily between specified dates on any canal or part of a Canal.

30. Interference with locks, etc.-

No person unless authorised shall interfere with the locks or any part of their machinery and with any of the lighting signals or other appliances for the Working of the canal system.

31. Damage by any vessel.-

If any vessel or raft fouls any lock gates, lock masonry etc., and thereby causes damage thereto, the section officer or the lock or wharf superintendent shall assess the amount of damage so caused. A notice specifying the amount of damage and demanding its payment shall be served on the master or owner of the vessel or raft and a copy of it sent simultaneously to the Sub-divisional Officer. Within one week of the service of the notice of demand, the amount shall be paid. It shall be lawful for the section officer or the lock or wharf superintendent as the case may be to seize the vessel or raft immediately the damage had been caused, and detain it until the amount is paid, the responsibility for safeguarding the contents of the vessel or raft resting solely with the owner thereof, and if within three days after the expiry of the week fixed for payment specified in the notice, the аmоunt together with the cost of seizure or detention is not paid, the vessel or raft shall be sold with the approval of the Executive Engineer and out the sale-proceeds the section officer or the lock or wharf superintendent as the case may be shall pay to the credit of Government the amount of damage, Cost of seizure, detention and sale, rendering to the owner the over plus, if any, on demand.

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