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either side of a wharf, jetty or landing place except with the special permission in writing of the Executive Engineer, West Coast Division, and except on payment of fees prescribed in the notification published under section 6 of the Act, for the use of such wharf, jetty or landing place.

13. Private wharves.-

No private wharf or landing stage shall be constructed on any public canal without the previous sanction of Government.

14. Free board-

No vessel carrying cargo shall be navigated in the canals unless it has a free board of at least nine inches, and no vessel carrying passengers, shall be so navigated unless it has a free board of at least twelve inches. The free board shall be measured from the water's edge to the top of the gunwale, when the vessel has no deck and to the upper side of the plank of the deck, when the vessel has a deck.

15. Passenger boats may carry cargo on certain conditions.-

A boat licensed to carry passengers may also Carry cargo, every ten cubic feet of cargo being considered as equivalent to one passenger, but the total of the number of passengers so calculated and the passengers actually carried shall not exceed the number of passengers which the boat is licensed to carry. If no passengers are carried, a boat licensed to carry passengers may carry cargo, subject only to the limit of free board of nine inches provided for in rule 14. No such vessel shall carry cargo such as fish, manure, bones, skins or other articles which in the opinion of the canal officer is offensive or dangerous.

16. Care and management of vessels-

No vessel shall be navigated without one person at least on board, competent to steer and manage her and acquainted with the rules regulating the navigation of the canals. No vessel shall lie or be left without a person on board capable of taking care of her.

17. Lights.-

Vessels using any of the canals shall between sunset and sunrise exhibit the following lights:-

Vessels When moving When moved
Steam or motor boats One clear white light on the upper deck 2. One bull's eye bright on the port or left side. 3. One bull's eye bright green light 6 inches on the star board of the right side One clear white light not less than 4 feet above the water level and so placed that is shall be visible fore and aft
All other vessels One clear white light with glass not less than 3 inchesdiameter attached to the centre Do
Rafts One clear white light at each end One clear white light at each end at each outer Corner

The two bull's eye lights shall be so placed and fitted that both may be visible from a point directly ahead of the vessel and so as not to be obscured by any of the fittings, cargo or passengers. Subject to these provisions, the lights may be placed in the front or on the top of the cabin, at the sides of the vessel near the bow, or on supports specially provided for the purpose. Vessels using acetylene or other lights of high power must be provided with special arrangements for shrouding the light and must shroud the light when approaching or meeting other vessels.

18. Speed of steamers and motor vessels.-

No steamer or motor vessel shall travel at a greater speed than six miles per hour, and between sunset and sunrise the speed shall not

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