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tonnage of a vessel other than steam and motor vessels shall be ascertained by multiplying its length, breadth in feet and inches and dividing the product by 50. The length shall be measured at half the midship depth in a straight line from the inside of the outer planking at the side of the steam to the inner side of the outer planking at the outer side of the stern post and shall be hereinafter called the length of the tonnage. The breadth for tonnage shall be one-sixth of the sum of five widths taken at equal distances along and at right angles to the above length for tonnage and measured from the rib on one side to the planking on the other side. If the vessel has a fixed internal planking the said five widths shall be measured from the inner side of such planking on one side to the inner side thereof on the other. The depth of all vessels shall be measured in a vertical line at the centre of the length for tonnage to the top side of the fixed internal planking if there is one or to the inner side of the outer bottom planking tonnage upon which fees are leviable shall be the gross tonnage less 15 per cent. Any fraction of a ton above half shall be taken as one ton and other fractions shall be rejected.

9. What to be deemed the tonnage of a vessel.-

Whenever the tonnage of any vessel has been ascertained, the same shall thenceforth be deemed to be the tonnage thereof unless any alteration is made in the form or capacity of such vessel or unless it is discovered that the tonnage thereof has been erroneously compacted in either of which cases such vessels shall be remeasured and her tonnage determined according to the rules herein before contained in that behalf.

Note:- Every time the licence of a vessel is renewed it shall be the duty of the officer issuing such a licence to remeasure the vessel unless he himself was the officer who licensed it previously.
10. Provision in case of loss of licence or certificate of registration.-

If the original licence or certificate of registration be lost, a duplicate shall be issued by the officer who granted the licence on payment of the fee prescribed in the notification published under section 6 of the Act. If the loss occurred during the absence of the vessel from the station at which it was licensed or registered the loss shall be reported to the nearest canal officer who shall thereupon issue a pass in the prescribed form. Such pass should hold good until the arrival of the vessel at the station at which the licence or certificate was issued. Immediately upon such arrival, the owner or his agent shall deliver up the said pass and pay the prescribed fee for a duplicate licence or certificate.

The licence or the certificate of registration shall contain the particulars specified in the prescribed forms and such other conditions as the Executive Engineer may think fit to prescribe in any case.

11. Rafts.-

The owners or persons in charge of rafts using any of the canals numbered 3,4,5 and 10 in the preamble to this part shall pay the fee prescribed in the notification published under section 6 of the Act, and take out licences in the form prescribed. The licence shall be in force for six weeks from the date of issue.

Note:- Rafts holding temporary passes issued by the Canal Officer of the Cochin State at Karanchira shall, for a period of twenty days from the date of issue of such passes, be allowed to ply without licences.
12. Regulation of traffic at wharves.-

The regulation of traffic at wharves and landing places shall be according to the rules framed in that behalf and approved by Government. Such rules shall be fixed to a notice board in a conspicuous place at each end of the Wharf and any infringement thereof shall be punished by suspension, for a period not exceeding three months, of the licence of the vessels contravening the rule or rules.

12A. Stacking goods on canal lands.-

Goods shall not be stacked on any tow path or on the canal side of any tow path under any circumstances nor shall they be stacked on canal lands without the special permission in Writing of the canal officer.


No vessel shall load or unload on any part of a canal or channel within one mile on

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