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Under the provisions of Section 16 of the Canals and Public Ferries Act, 1890, the Governor in Council is pleased to declare that in supersession of the notification, dated 29th January, 1917 published at pages 623-624 of Part I of the fort St. George Gazette, dated 15th May 1917, the following rules shall, on or after the 1st October, 1923 be in force on the marginally-noted lines of navigation in the Malabar District notified under section 4 of the Act.

(1) From Kawayi to Azhikal via the Elimala river, Sultan's canal and Matool river.
(2) From Badagara to the Beypore river via the Cotta, Agalapuzha and Korapuzha river the Conolly Canal and the Kallayi river.
(3) From Tirur to Ponnani via the Tirur and Ponnani rivers.
(4) From Ponnani to Ala via the Canolly canal and the connected backwaters.
(5) The Kalvetti canal in Cochin.
(6) From Edavana to Beypore via the Beypore river.
(7) From Irrukur to Azhikkal via Baliapatam river.
(8) From Kuttiadi to Badagara via the Kuttiadi and Mariat rivers.
(9) From Beypore river to the north end of the Pooraparamba cut via Cheriapuzha, Kadalundy river and Keeranalur stream
(10) From Keernallur stream of the north end of the Poorparamba cut, to Tirur river via Pooraparamba cut, Pooraparamba river and the improved Canolly canal.

In the case of vessels other than steamers and motor vessels using lines of navigation numbered 1,2,6 and 7 above, the following rules only shall be applicable: 12, 14, 16 (except last sentence) 17, 19.20 (clause (a) only), 29, 34 and 35.

1. For the purpose of these rules the Executive Engineer,

West Coast Division and the officers of the Public Works Department in charge of sub-divisions and sections, shall be 'canal officers'.

2. Vessels to be licensed.-

Every vessel using a canal in the Malabar area shall be either licensed or registered, by the Executive Engineer, Irrigation Division concerned or by any Officer duly authorised by him in this behalf, provided that

(i) the vessels belonging to the Government will be exempted from paying license fees.
(ii) Government may, for special reasons, exempt any vessel from payment of license fees subject to such conditions as may be specified.

Note:- Irrigation department will assign a number to each boat and vallam mechanised or non-mechanised and maintain a register showing the complete details. Every boat or vallam mechanised or non-mechanised will be provided with number plates. The size of the number plates will be of 15 cm. width with required length. The letters will be of size 10 cm. and having a width of 1.25 cms. The letters and numerals shall be in English and be painted in white on black

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