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(iv) Regulating the speed at which vessels shall be moved, the passing of vessels, the lights to be exhibited by vessels moving or at anchor, the working of locks, the mooring of vessels and the use of landing places, wharves, piers, jetties, docks, basins, lie-byes, sidings, sheds or warehouses;
(v) The disposal of vessels or other things confiscated or seized under this Act;
(vi) for the conveyance of passengers; and generally for the purpose of this Act.
17. Penalty for breach of rule.-

Any person who breaks any rule made under this Act shall be punishable on conviction by a Criminal Court with fine not exceeding fifty rupees in case of a single offence and, in case of a continuing offence, not exceeding ten rupees for every day during which such offence continues. If the offence is such as to endanger human life, the punishment may extend to imprisonment of either description for one year or to fine of five hundred rupees, or both.

18. Penalty for navigating a canal or establishing or working a ferry in contravention of Sections 5, 7A or 9.-

Any person navigating a canal or establishing or Working a ferry in contravention of section 5, 27 A) or 9 of this Act shall be liable on conviction before a Criminal Court to fine not exceeding five hundred rupees.

19. Penalty for evasion of toll or fee and for unauthorized levy of toll etc.-

Any person who refuses or evades payment of any toll or fee payable under this Act, or without due authority levies any toll or fee under colour of this Act, or, being empowered to collect tolls or fees under this Act, Collects or receives any sum in excess of the lawful due, shall on Conviction by a Criminal Court be punishable with imprisonment of either description not exceeding one month, or with fine not exceeding one hundred rupees, or with both.

20. Power of court to order confiscation.-

On conviction had of any offence under this Act, the Court may order that any vessel or other thing used in the commission of such offence shall be confiscated.

21. The State Government may delegate all or any of their powers

under Sections 5,10,11,12,13 and 15 to any officer not below the rank of District Collector or Superintending Engineer.

22. Omitted

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