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Rules Pages

3. Vessels other than rafts

4. Inspection of Steamers

5. Counterpart of Licence and certificate of registration

6. Transfer of licence or Certificate of registration

7. Registered tonnage of steam and motor vessel

8. Registered tonnage of vessels other than steam and motor vessels

9. What to be deemed the tonnage of a vessel.

10. Provision in case of loss of licence or certificate of registration

11. Rafts

12. Regulation of traffic at wharves

12A. Stacking goods on Canal lands

12B. No vessel shall load or unload on any part of a Canal

13. Private wharves

14. Freeboard

15. Passenger boats may carry Cargo on certain Conditions

16. Care and management of vessels

17. Lights

18. Speed of steamers and motor vessels

19. Vessels to keep to the left

20. Passing of vessels.

21. Inspection of vessels other than steamers or motor boats

22. Inspection of motor vessels

23. Production of licence

24. Limit of Canal Officer's powers

25. Pass for vessels under suspension to proceed to their destination

26. Marks and Figures to be painted on Vessels

27. Circulation of rules

28. Mooring of vessels

29. Temporary Suspension of traffic

30. Interference with locks etc

31. Damage by any vessel

32. Place and time of repairs of Vessels

32A. Petroleum vessels

33. Rules and restrictions shall apply

34. Out-break of epidemic diseases on board of vessels

35. Carriage of lepers



Navigation Rules - Kalvetti Canal, 1114

Special Rules for the use of and payment of fees at landing places, jetty and wharf Rules

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