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(a) Carriages engaged by the officers of the Police and Salt Departments and on the goods or carriages in their custody.
(b) Carriages engaged by the Nayar Brigade sepoys or the British sepoys and the goods belonging to them.
(c) Sirkar elephants used for procession of any incorporated or unincorporated temples.
(d) Carriages engaged by the officers of the Public Works Department.
(e) Carriages and goods belonging to the British Postal and Telegraph Department and the Cochin Anchal Department.
(f) Sirkar Carriages, treasure or other goods.
(g) Such other conveyances or animals as may, from time to time be exempted by the Diwan.

12. The Diwan or the Diwan Perishkar may cancel the lease for any breach of the above rules, recovering the balance of the rent for the year or the lease a penalty not exceeding Rs.10 for each

13. The contractor must maintain correct accounts of receipts and they shall be open to inspection by any officer the Diwan or the Diwan Perishkar may direct.

14. All toll-gate lessees shall always provide themselves with charge for not less than Rs.10 SO that passengers may not be delayed at the toll-gate.

15. The above rules shall generally apply to all toll-gates in the State. If, in respect of any particular toll-gate in the State, the Diwan or the Diwan Perishkar is of opinion that the rules do not make adequate provision against any hardship entailing on the public on account of any special circumstances Connected with its location or otherwise, it shall also be governed by such additional rules as may be issued by or with the previous sanction of the Diwan.

16. These rules shall be exhibited to Public view in English and Malayalam at each tollgates.

17. As soon as the lease of all the tolls in the State is confirmed, the Diwan Perishkar will Submit to the Diwan a Consolidated taluk-war statement showing

(i) The name of the tolls.
(ii) The amounts of previous years lease.
(iii) The amount of the leases for the year.
(iv) The rates of tolls levied at the toll-gates.
(v) Explanation for marked variation between (ii) and (iii).

In exercise of the power vested in the Diwan under section 3 of Act 11 of 1082 (ferries and Tolls Act), it is hereby notified for general information the public ferries of the State as shown in the sub joined statement have published by the Diwan.

List of existing Ferries in the Cochin State Cochin-Kanauannur Taluk

1. Ernakulam-Mattancherry

2. Kumbalam

3. Venduruthy-Palluruthy Nada

4. Venduruthy-Thevara

5. Mulavukad-Elankunnupuzha

6. Bolghatty-Vallarpadam

7. Murikkumpadom-Vallarpadam

8. Poozhithode-Chittur

9. Chathiath Kadavu-Mullavukad

10. Walathuruth-Chathedom

11. Thevara

12. Kattathu Kadavu-Punambukad

13. Perumanur-Venduruthy

14. Gothuruthu-Chathedom Vadakkethuruth

15. Cheranellur-Korampadom

16. Ambazathu KadaVu

17. Ochenthuruth-Vallarpadom

18. 'Ivaduthala-Chittur

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