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Template:'''Rules Regarding leasing and Management of Public Ferries'''

10. The lessee shall have a sufficient number of boats in readiness at the side of the ferry and shall ply his boats in readiness at each side of the ferry and shall take care that British Mails and Cochin male passengers, animals and goods are not unnecessarily delayed. Whether by day or by night at such hours to be specified in the agreement, but are carried over with expedition.

11. The rate for ferry charges for passengers, goods or animals fixed by the Diwan from time to time under section 5 of the Ferries and Tolls Act, Ill of 1082 shall be specified.

12. Every passenger will be allowed to carry with him his luggage, not exceeding a cooly load or Indian maund in Weight free. Any quantity of luggage in excess of his limit shall be charged at the rates that may be fixed from time to time and specified in the sale notification.

13. The following persons shall be conveyed free of charge over all the ferries in the State.

(a) Members of the Cochin Police Force, viz., constables, Head Constables and Inspectors in uniform together with such prisoners or stolen property as may be in their charge.
(b) Nayar Brigage Sepoys traveling on duly and bearing passes signed by the head of the force.
(c) All Sirkar person employed to carry official reports and record when so carrying such reports and records, and bearing passes signed by the head of the office.
(d) All servants of the Sanitary Board traveling on duly with their jurisdiction and bearing passes signed by the President.
(e) Children under 5 years of age.
(f) Gosayis and Bairagis
(g) Students going to or from a Sirkar or any private school record wing grant-in-aid from the Sirkar and bearing passes signed by their Head Master and bona-fide students of institution bearing passes signed by the Executive Engineer
(h) Such other person as may be from time to time, be exempted by the Diwan.

Explanation:- The exemption of any person under the rules extends also to animals and conveyances actually used by him in traveling.

14. The Executive Engineer or sub-Divisional Officer shall determine the weight of cargo and the number of passengers which each boat can safely carry. He shall also prescribe the number and class of boats be maintained by the lessee and the number of men by whom they shall be worked.

15. The number of passengers and the weight of cargo which each boat can carry shall be specified in the agreement and shall be legibly painted thereof in Malayalam, and no passengers or cargo in excess of the limit shall at any one time be allowed on the boat. The lessee shall not use any boats other than these mark 1 as aforesaid.

16. The Diwan or the Executive Engineer may cancel the lease or any breach of the above rule recovering the balance of the rent for the year or in lieu thereof. Recover from the lessee a penalty not exceeding Rupees 10 for each such breach.

17. These rules shall be exhibited to public view in Malayalam and English on each side of the ferry.

18. As soon as the lease of all the ferries in the State is confirmed, the Executive Engineer will submit to the Diwan a consolidated taluk war statement showing (1) the names of ferries, (2) the amounts of the previous year's leases, (3) the amounts of the leases for the year, (4) the rates of charges for each ferry and (5) explanations for marked variations between (2) and (3).

19. From the date of this order all unauthorised or private ferries over any river, backwater or channel should cease to ply. The Sub-Divisional Officer will submit proposals for establishing Government ferries at any place in which private ferries are now Working so as to bring the ferries under Government control and supervision and thereby ensure public safety and convenience.

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