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9. Applications for work can be filed individually or for a group together.

10. There shall be no limit on the number of days of employment for which a person may apply, or on the number of days of employment actually provided to him subject to the aggregate entitlement of the household.

11. Normally, applications for work must be for at least fourteen days of continuous work, other than the works relating to access to sanitation facilities, for which application for work shall be for atleast six days of continuous work.

12. Provision shall be made in the Scheme for advance application, that is, application which may be submitted earlier than the date from which employment is sought.

13. Provision shall be made in the Scheme for submission of multiple applications by the same person provided that the corresponding periods for which employment is sought do not overlap.

Allocation of work:-

14. The Gram Panchayat and Programme Officer shall ensure that every applicant shall be provided unskilled manual work in accordance with the provisions of the Scheme within fifteen days of receipt of an application or the date from which he seeks work in case of advance application, whichever is later,

15. Priority shall be given to women in such a way that at least one-third of the beneficiaries shall be women who have registered and requested for work. Efforts to increase participation of single women and the disabled shall be made.

16. Applicants who are provided with work shall be so intimated in writing, by means of a letter sent to him at the address given in the job card or by a public notice displayed at the office of the Panchayats at district, intermediate or village level.

17. A list of persons who are provided with the work shall be displayed on the notice board of the Gram Panchayat and at the office of the Programme Officer and at such other place as the Programme Officer may deem necessary and the list shall be open for inspection by the State Government and any interested person.

18. As far as possible, the employment shall be provided within a radius of five kilometres of the village where the applicant resides at the time of applying.

19. A new work under the Scheme can be commenced if atleast ten labourers become available for work, provided that this condition shall not be applicable for new works, as determined by the State Government, in hilly areas and in respect of afforestation works.

20. In case the employment is provided outside the radius specified in Paragraph 18, it shall be provided within the Block, and the labourers shall be paid ten percent of the wage rate as extra wages to meet additional transportation and expenses for living.

21. A period of employment shall be for atleast fourteen days continuously with not more than six days in a week.

Work site management:-

22. For the purpose of transparency at the work site, the following shall be ensured:-

(i) there shall be a project initiation meeting in which various provisions of the work shall be explained to the workers;

(ii) a copy of the sanction work order shall be available for public inspection at the worksite,

(iii) measurement record of each work and details of the workers shall be available for public inspection;

(iv) a Citizens' Information Board Shall be put up at every worksite and updated regularly in the manner specified by the Central Government; Government may check all works and its evaluation report will be recorded in the Works Register in the format specified by the Central Government and submitted to the Gram Sabha during the Social Audit.

23. The facilities of safe drinking water, shade for children and periods of rest, first aid box with adequate material for emergency treatment for minor injuries and other health hazards connected with the work being performed shall be provided at the work site.