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(See section 5)

Job cards:-

1. The adult member of every household residing in any rural area and willing to do unskilled manual Work may submit the names, age and the address of the household to the Gram Panchayat at the village level, in whose jurisdiction they reside, for registration of their household for issuance of a job card. If the job seeker is a single Woman or disabled person or aged person or released bonded labour or belonging to Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group, they must be given a special job card of a distinct colour which will ensure them a special protection in providing work, work evaluation and work site facilitates, as the case may be.

2. It shall be the duty of the Grama Panchayat, after making such enquiry, as it deems fit, to issue a job card within fifteen days from the date of receipt of such application, containing therein a unique job card number with details of the registered adult members of the household, their photos, Bank or Post office account number, insurance policy number and the Aadhaar numbers if any.

3. The job card issued shall be valid for atleast five years after which, it may be renewed after due verification.

4. No job card can be cancelled except where it is found to be a duplicate, or if the entire household has permanently migrated to a place outside the Gram Panchayat and no longer lives in the village.

5. The State Government shall make arrangements for updating the following details in the job card regularly while mentioning the key entitlements under the Act are clearly listed as follows:-

(i) number of days for which work was demanded;

(ii) number of days of work allocated;

(iii) description of the work allocated along with the muster roll number;

(iv) measurement details;

(v) unemployment allowance, if any, paid;

(vi) dates and number of days Worked;

(vii) date-wise amount of Wages paid;

(viii) delay Compensation paid if any.

Demand for work:-

6. Every adult member of a registered household whose name appears in the job card shall be entitled to apply for unskilled manual work under the Scheme; and every such application shall be compulsorily registered, and a receipt issued with the date, which shall be entered in the computer system.

7. The State shall proactively verify the requirements of the Vulnerable Groups and provide them Work.

8. Application for work can be oral or written and made to the Ward member or to the Gram Panchayat or to the Programme Officer or any person authorised by the State Government or through a telephone or mobile or Interactive Voice Response System or through a call centre or through web site orthrough a kiosk set up for this purpose orthrough any other means authorised by the State Government.