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Gram Sabha, and such works which are to be executed by the intermediate Panchayats or other implementing agencies shall be placed before the intermediate or District Panchayats, along with the expected outcomes.

8. Demand for work, either oral or written, shall be registered as and when required by any job cardholder and in the Rozgar Diwas which is to be conducted at every Ward and Gram Panchayat level at least once a month, leading to provision of work as per demand.

9. (1) Adequate shelf of works shall be maintained by every Gram Panchayat to meet the expected demand for work in such a way that at least one labour intensive public work with at least one work which is suitable for Particularly Vulnerable Groups especially the aged and the disabled which shall be kept open at all times to provide work as per demand.

(2) The details of the said work(s) shall be prominently displayed through Writings on the walls of the village.

10. While opening works in the public works category, it shall be ensured that the ongoing or incomplete works should be completed first.

11. Work shall be provided within fifteen days, from the date of registration of the demand for work or the date from which work has been demanded in case of advance applications, whichever is later.

12. (1) In case work could not be provided as per demand within the specified time limit, unemployment allowance shall be paid, as calculated automatically by the computer system or the Management Information System and as provided under the Act. The programme officer can reject the unemployment allowance only on grounds of force majeure.

(2) In cases where unemployment allowance is paid, or due to be paid, the Programme Officer shall inform the concerned District Programme Coordinator in writing the reasons for not providing employment to the applicants.

(3) The District Programme Coordinator shall, in his Annual Report to the State Council explain as to why employment could not provided in cases where payment of unemployment allowances is involved.

13. Every work under the Scheme shall have a technical estimate duly sanctioned by an authority authorised by the State Government. While sanctioning the estimates, the following are required to be considered:

(a) For all works involving construction, cost effective, labour intensive technologies and usage of local materials shall be employed as far as possible;

(b) The Bill of quantities (used in the estimate) is stated in common terminology for easy understanding of all stakeholders;

(c) Each work shall have a summary of the estimate, design and a technical note that indicate the expected outcomes from implementing the work.

14. The works finalised at the Gram Panchayat level and consolidated at the Block or District level shall be given Block-wise administrative or financial sanction by the competent authority within thirty days from the date of finalisation of the works at the Gram Panchayat level only after confirming that the shelf of works in any Gram Panchayat is not less than two times the labour budget approved for that Gram Panchayat.

15. The muster rolls for works taken up under the scheme shall be maintained as follows, namely:

(a) each muster roll shall be in English or local language and have a unique identity number electronically generated by the computer System (e-Muster) along with the list of Workers applied for work. Every Muster roll shall be signed by the authorised person of the Gram Panchayat or by the Programme Officer; and shall contain such mandatory information as may be specified by the Central Government;

(b) muster rolls shall be maintained at the worksite by marking attendance daily by a person authorised under the Scheme, details of which shall be made available in public view on a daily basis using the computer system.