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13. Orphanages and Poor Homes-

14. The Kerala Sports Council and its District Units and affiliated institutions-

15. Kerala State Jawahar Balabhavan and District Balabhavans-

16.  Hostels-

17. Wakf Board-

18 .Kerala Lalithakala Academy-

19. Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy-

20. Kerala Sahitya Academy-

21. Kerala Kalamandalam-

22. Kerala Association for Non-formal Education and Development (KANFED)

23. The State Institute of Children's Literature-

24.  The State Library Council, District Library Council and Taluk Library Unions and Libraries affiliated to the State Library Counci-

25. The Bharat Sevak Samaj, Kerala Predesh-

26. Bharat Scouts and Guides-

27. The T.B. Association of Kerala-

28. The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-

29. The Travancore-Cochin Medical Council-

30. The Kerala Nurses' and Midwives' Council-

31. The Kerala Pharmacy Council-

32. The Kerala Dental Council-

33. The Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra-

34.  Kerala Urban Development Finance Corporation-

35. The Kerala Health Research and Welfare Society-

36.  The Kerala Police Welfare and Amenity Fund-

37. The Kerala Police Sports Fund-

38. The Kerala State Military Benevolent Fund, District Benevolent Funds and the FlagDay of the Rajya Sainik Board-

39. The Scientific Research Funds under the State Committee of Science and Technology-

40. The Kerala Panchayat Association Fund-

41. The Kerala Head Load Workers' Welfare Fund-

42. The Kerala Khadi Workers' Welfare Fund-

43. The Kerala Motor Transport Workers' Welfare Fund-

44. The Kerala Coir Workers' Welfare Fund-

45. The Kerala Construction Workers' Welfare Fund-

46. The Kerala Abkari Workers' Welfare Fund -

47. Toddy Workers' Welfare Fund-

48.   Welfare Fund-

49. Handloom Workers' Welfare Fund-

50. Agricultural Workers' Welfare Fund-

51. The Kerala Tailoring Workers' Welfare Fund

52. Kerala Cashew Workers' Relief and Welfare Fund.

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