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7. Review by Government.-

(1) Any person aggrieved by an order issued under the provisions of these rules, may file a petition for review to the Government: Provided that there shall be only one review against any order issued.

(2) A petition for review under sub-rule (1) shall be presented within thirty days from the date of service of the order by the Secretary, allowing or rejecting the application.

(3) The review petition along with true copy of the order to be reviewed shall be submitted in white paper, typed or written in ink, affixed with court fee stamp worth Rupees five.

(4) When a petition for review has been presented under these rules, the Government may, if found necessary, stay the operation of the order, pending consideration of the petition.

(5) The Government shall, after reviewing the petition, pass appropriate orders thereon and forward the same to the Secretary concerned, with copy thereof to the Chief Town Planner, Chief Town Planner (Vigilance) and Town Planner.

(6) In case the review petition is rejected, the Secretary shall initiate action as provided under rule 6.

8. Power of the Government to cancel or revise the order etc.--

(1) The Government shall have the power to cancel or revise any order issued earlier under these rules at any time, if found that any building regularised is of serious safety and security concerns.

(2) The Government shall have the power to cancel at any time any order issued under these rules, after hearing the applicant once, if it has come to the notice subsequently that the information furnished by the applicant or the certification made by the licensee in the plans and in the application in Form 1-A or structural stability certificate issued by the Structural Engineer, is by suppression or misrepresentation of facts.

(3) Notwithstanding the above, Government shall have the power to take or cause to take appropriate legal action against those who have suppressed or misrepresented the facts.

9. Constitution and Functioning of the Monitoring Committee.-

(1) The Government may constitute a Monitoring Committee for the purpose of ensuring transparency and supervision of the regularization of unauthorized construction, consisting of the following Members; (a) Secretary, Local Self Government Department : Chairman (b) Chief Town Planner (vigilance) : Member (c) Chief Engineer, Local Self Government Department : Member (d) Director of Panchayats : Convenor

(2) The Committee may suo motto or as directed by Government take up for consideration the construction regularized under these rules and submit its recommendations to the Government.

(3) The Committee may, if necessary, conduct random site inspections of the construction regularized under these rules and also scrutinize the related files at all levels of the regularizationprocess as cited in rules (5) and (7).

(4) The Committee may suo motto or as directed by Government, convene meetings of the Committee.

(5) Two members of the Committee shall constitute the quorum.

(6) The meeting shall be presided over by the Chairman and in his absence, a member of the Committee nominated by him.

(7) The recommendation shall be based on the decision of the majority present in the meeting.

APPENDIX I       see Rule 5 (1)


Compounding fee for regularisation of unauthorised construction carried out on or before 31st day of March, 2013 violating the provisions of the Building Rules. 1) Telecommunication Towers Compounding fee -Rs.500,000 (Rupees Five Lakhis only) tower and its ancillary structure.