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(k) Copy of plans approved and/or permit issued, if any, by the Secretary asper provisions contained in the Act or Building Rules;

(l) Orders if any, granting exemption from the provisions of the Kerala Building Rules 84, obtained earlier;

(m) Details of action, if any taken by the Grama Panchayat concerned against this unauthorized Construction; (n) Copy of Orders granting exemption from the provisions of the Town Planning Schemes, obtained earlier,

(o) Details pertaining to or of relevance to the plot and buildings therein, if any.

(3) If the application received is not in order and/or incomplete for further scrutiny, the Secretary shall, within fifteen Working days of the receipt of the application, inform the applicant, that the same cannot be accepted.

4. Application fee.-

The application fee to be paid to the Grama Panchayat while submitting the application for regularisation of unauthorised construction, shall be as follows, namely:-

1 Telecommunication Tower Rs.25,000
2 Huts and buildings under Group A 1 Residential Occupancy as per rule 34(3)(a) of the Building Rules with total built-up area up to 30 sq. metres Rs.250
3 Buildings under Group A 1 Residential Occupancy as per rule 34(3)(a) of the Building Rules with total built-up area exceeding 30 sq. metres and up to 60 sq.metres Rs.750
4 All buildings other than those mentioned above with total built-up area:
(i) up to 100 sq.metres Rs.1,000
(ii) above 100 sq.metres and upto 200 sq. metres .. Rs.2,500
(iii) above 200 sq.metres and upto 500 sq. metres .. Rs.5,000
(iv) above 500 sq.metres and upto 1000 sq.metres .. Rs. 7,500
(v) above 1000 sq.metres and upto 1100 m2
(vi) above 1100 m2 > Rs. 10,000+ Rs. 1000/100 m2 in excess of 1100 m2</sup

Note:-The area for this purpose shall be the total built-up area on all floors of the unauthorised building(s).

5. Procedure for disposal of application.-

(1) In the case of applications other than those cited in sub-rule (3) of rule 3, the Secretary shall, verify the application, inspect or cause to inspect the location, site and the buildings and after detailed verification and scrutiny, prepare A detailed report, in quadruplicate in Form B appended to these rules, specify the compounding fee, in case the unauthorised construction is proposed to be regularized, duly sign and make a certification, as provided therein.

(2) If the application received is in order, the Secretary shall forward the same along with the documents specified below to the Town Planner concerned within 45 days from the date of receipt of the application, and he shall keep in his office all other documents received along with the application, after due verification:-

(i) Forms I-A and I-B duly filled up in all respects in triplicate;

(ii) Three sets of drawings verified, duly signed and certified by the owner, licensee, structural engineer as the case may be and the Secretary: Provided that, no application for regularisation shall be recommended for regularisation, if the unauthorized construction(s) does not conform to the provisions in section 220 of the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act, 1994, Town Planning Scheme, if any for that area sanctioned under the Town Planning Act(s); any law, including rule, byelaw, notification etc. made under such law(s) and any Acts like the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958 and Rules made thereunder, the Kerala Conservation of Paddy Land and Wetland Act, 2008, Coastal Zone and Environmental Clearance Regulations notified by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India etc. and the safety and security provisions in the Building Rules laid out in Appendix II to these rules:

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