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Notes.- (1) Out of every appointment to the post of Assistant Engineer by transfer in Category 1 of Group Il a ratio of 6:3:1 shall be maintained among Graduates Diploma holders and Certificate holders in the feeder category.

(2) Out of the posts reserved for direct recruitment in the Category 1 of Group II, Assistant Engineer 10% posts shall be filled up by direct recruitment from among hou members in the Panchayat Subordinate Service.

(3) Promotion to all posts and appointment by transfer in the service shall be made on the basis of merit and ability assessed with reference to consistent good performance appraisal reports. Seniority will be considered only when merit and ability are approximately equal. Persons included in the select list shall be ranked in the order of their seniority.

(4) The ratio for appointment by direct recruitment and for appointment by transfer or Degree, Diploma and Certificate holders shall be applied to the total cadre strength of Assistant Engineers in the service and not to vacancies that may arise, from time to time. Accordingly separate seniority list of Graduates, Diploma holders and Certificate holders shall be maintained and promotion and reversion of each category of Officers shall be confined to the quota allocated for each category within the cadre strength.

(5) Those vacancies caused by promotion, retirement, deputation etc. of Graduates shall be filled up only by Graduates.

4. Qualification regarding age.— No person shall be eligible for appointment by direct recruitment to any posts if he has not completed the age of 18 years or has completed 35 years of age on the first day of January of the year in which the applications for appointment are invited. Usual relaxation in upper age limit shall be allowed to candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes.

5. Other Qualifications. No person shall be eligible for appointment to any of the categories mentioned in column (1) of the table below by the method of appointment specified in column (2) unless he possesses the qualifications prescribed in the corresponding entry in column (3) thereof.


Category of post                                                                  Method of appointment                                           Qualifications

          (1)                                                                              (2)                                                       (3)


1. Director of Panchayats                                                                         -                         IAS Cadre

2) Joint Director of Panchayats.                                                                       By promotion                         SSLC or equivalent

3) Deputy Director of Panchayats/Deputy Chief Registrar of Birth and Deaths                         By promotion                         SSLC or equivalent

4(a) Assistant Director of Panchayats                                                                       By promotion online                         SSLC or equivalent

4(b) Provident Fund Accounts Officer                                                                        By promotion                         (1) Pass in SSLC or its equivalent qualification (2) Pass in Account Test (Higher).


1. Assistant Engineer                                                                         (1) By Direct Recruitment                                             Must possess a Degree in Civil Engineering specified in