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(ii). Capping with solid waste cover or solid waste cover enhanced with geomembrane to enable collection and flaring/utilisation of greenhouse gases.

(iii) Capping as in (ii) above with additional measures (in alluvial and other coarse grained soils) such as cut-off walls and extraction wells for pumping and treating contaminated ground water.

(iv) Any other method suitable for reducing environmental impact to acceptable level.


[See Rule 16(1),(b),(e), 16(4))

Standards of processing and treatment of solid waste

A. Standards for composting.— The waste processing facilities shall include composting as one of the technologies for processing of bio degradable waste. In order to prevent pollution from compost plant, the following shall be complied with namely :

(a) The incoming organic waste at site shall be stored properly prior to further processing. To the extent possible, the waste storage area should be covered. If, such storage is done in an open area, it shall be provided with impermeable base with facility for collection of leachate and surface water run-off into lined drains leading to a leachate treatment and disposal facility;

(b) Necessary precaution shall be taken to minimise nuisance of odour, flies, rodents, bird menace and fire hazard;

(c) In case of breakdown or maintenance of plant, waste intake shall be stopped and arrangements be worked out for diversion of waste to the temporary processing site or temporary landfill sites which will be again reprocessed when plant is in order;

(d) Pre-process and post-process rejects shall be removed from the processing facility on regular basis and shall not be allowed to pile at the site. Recyclables shall be routed through appropriate vendors. The non-recyclable high calorific fractions to be segregated and sent to waste to energy or for RDF production, co-processing in cement plants or to thermal power plants. Only rejects from all processes shall be sent for sanitary landfill site(s).

(e) The windrow area shall be provided with impermeable base. Such a base shall be made of concrete or compacted clay of 50 cm thick having permeability coefficient less than 107 cm/sec. The base shall be provided with 1 to 2 per cent slope and circled by lined drains for collection of leachate or surface run-off;

(f) Ambient air quality monitoring shall be regularly carried out. Odour nuisance at downwind direction on the boundary of processing plant shall also be checked regularly.

(g) Leachate shall be re-circulated in compost plant for moisture maintenance.

(h) The end product compost shall meet the standards prescribed under Fertilizer Control Order notified from time to time.

(i) In order to ensure safe application of compost, the following specifications for compost quality shall be met, namely:

Parameters Organic Compost (FCO 2009) Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (FCO 2013)
(1) (2) (3)
Arsenic (mg/Kg) 10.00 10.00
Cadmium (mg/kg) 5.00 5.00
Chromium (mg/kg) 50.00 50.00

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