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(ii) The concentration of methane gas generated at landfill site shall not exceed 25 per cent of the lower explosive limit (LEL).

(iii) The landfill gas from the collection facility at a landfill site shall be utilized for either direct thermal applications or power generation, as per viability. Otherwise, landfill gas shall be burnt (flared) and shall not be allowed to escape directly to the atmosphere or for illegal tapping. Passive venting shall be allowed in case if its utilisation or flaring is not possible.

(iv) Ambient air quality at the landfill site and at the vicinity shall be regularly monitored. Ambient air quality shall meet the standards prescribed by the Central Pollution Control Board for Industrial area.

G. Criteria for plantation at landfill Site. — A vegetative cover shall be provided over the completed site in accordance with the following specifications, namely:

(a) Locally adopted non-edible perennial plants that are resistant to drought and extreme temperatures shall be planted;

(b) The selection of plants should be of such variety that their roots do not penetrate more than 30 cms. This condition shall apply till the landfill is stabilized;

(c) Selected plants shall have ability to thrive on low-nutrient soil with minimum nutrient addition;

(d) Plantation to be made in sufficient density to minimise soil erosion.

(e) Green belts shall be developed all around the boundary of the landfill in consultation with State Pollution Control Boards or Pollution Control Committees .

H. Criteria for post-care of landfill site.-(1) The post-closure care of landfill site shall be conducted for at least fifteen years and long term monitoring or care plan shall consist of the following, namely :

(a) Maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of final cover, making repairs and preventing run-on and run-off from eroding or otherwise damaging the final cover;

(b) Monitoring leachate collection system in accordance with the requirement;

(c) Monitoring of ground water in and around landfill;

(d) Maintaining and operating the landfill gas collection system to meet the standards.

(2) Use of closed landfill sites after fifteen years of post-closure monitoring can be considered for human settlement or otherwise only after ensuring that gaseous emission and leachate quality analysis complies with the specified standards and the soil stability is ensured.

1. Criteria for special provisions for hilly areas.- Cities and towns located on hills shall have location-specific methods evolved for final disposal of solid waste by the local body with the approval of the concerned State Pollution Control Board or the Pollution Control Committee. The local body shall set up processing facilities for utilisation of biodegradable organic waste. The non-biodegradable recyclable materials shall be stored and sent for recycling periodically. The inert and non-biodegradable waste shall be used for building roads or filling-up of appropriate areas on hills. In case of constraints in finding adequate land in hilly areas, waste not suitable for road laying or filling up shall be disposed of in regional landfills in plain areas.

J. Closure and Rehabilitation of Old Dumps.- Solid waste dumps which have reached their full capacity or those which will not receive additional waste after setting up of new and properly designed landfills should be closed and rehabilitated by examining the following options:

(i) Reduction of waste by bio mining and waste processing followed by placement of residues in new landfills or capping as in (ii) below.

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