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and pesticides) shall have liner of composite barrier of 1.5 mm thick high density polyethylene (HDPE) geo-membrane or geo-synthetic liners, or equivalent, overlying 90 cm of soil (clay or amended soil) having permeability coefficient not greater than 1 x 10-7 cm/sec. The highest level of water table shall be at least two meter below the base of clay or amended soil barrier layer provided at the bottom of landfills.

(iii) Provisions for management of leachates including its collection and treatment shall be made. The treated leachate shall be recycled or utilized as permitted, otherwise shall be released into the sewerage line, after meeting the standards specified in Schedule- II.. In no case. leachate shall be released into open environment.

(iv) Arrangement shall be made to prevent leachate runoff from landfill area entering any drain, stream, river, lake or pond. In case of mixing of runoff water with leachate or solid waste, the entire mixed water shall be treated by the concern authority. (E) Criteria for water quality monitoring -

(i) Before establishing any landfill site, baseline data of ground water quality in the area shall be collected and kept in record for future reference. The ground water quality within 50 meter of the periphery of landfill site shall be periodically monitored covering different seasons in a year that is, summer, monsoon and post-monsoon period to ensure that the ground water is not contaminated.

(ii) Usage of groundwater in and around landfill sites for any purpose (including drinking and irrigation) shall be considered only after ensuring its quality. The following specifications for drinking water quality shall apply for monitoring purpose, namely

Sl No Parameters IS10500:2012, Edition 2.2(2003-09) Desirable limit (mg/l except for PH)
1 2 3
1 Arsenic 0.01
2 Cadmium 0.01
3 Chromium (as cr6+) 0.05
4 Copper 0.05
5 Cyanide 0.05
6 Mercury 0.05
7 Nickel -
8 Nitrate as (NO3) 45.0
9 pH 6.5-8.5
10 Iron 0.3
11 Total hardness (as CaCO2) 300
12 Chloride 250
13 Dissolved solids 500
14 Phenolic compounds (as C6H5OH) 0.001
15 Zinc 5.0
16 Sulphate (as SO4) 200

(F) Criteria for ambient air quality monitoring. (i) Landfill gas control system including gas collection system shall be installed at landfill site to minimize odour, prevent off-site migration of gases, to protect vegetation planted on the rehabilitated landfill surface. For enhancing landfill gas recovery, use of geomembranes in cover systems along with gas collection wells should be considered.