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of dust particles due to vehicular movement and shall be so designed to ensure free movement of vehicles and other machinery.

(iii) The landfill site shall have waste inspection facility to monitor waste brought in for landfilling, office facility for record keeping and shelter for keeping equipment and machinery including pollution monitoring equipment. The operator of the facility shall maintain record of waste received, processed and disposed.

(iv) Provisions like weigh bridge to measure quantity of waste brought at landfill site, fire protection equipment and other facilities as may be required shall be provided.

(v) Utilities such as drinking water and sanitary facilities (preferably washing/bathing facilities for workers) and lighting arrangements for easy landfill operations during night hours shall be provided

(vi) Safety provisions including health inspections of workers at landfill sites shall be carried out made.

(vii) Provisions for parking, cleaning, washing of transport vehicles carrying solid waste shall be provided. The wastewater so generated shall be treated to meet the prescribed standards.

(C) Criteria for specifications for land filling operations and closure on completion of land filling.

(i) Waste for land filling shall be compacted in thin layers using heavy compactors to achieve high density of the waste. In high rainfall areas where heavy compactors cannot be used, alternative measures shall be adopted.

(ii) Till the time waste processing facilities for composting or recycling or energy recovery are set up, the waste shall be sent to the sanitary landfill. The landfill cell shall be covered at the end of each working day with minimum 10 cm of soil, inert debris or construction material..

(iii) Prior to the commencement of monsoon season, an intermediate cover of 40-65 cm thickness of soil shall be placed on the landfill with proper compaction and grading to prevent infiltration during monsoon. Proper drainage shall be constructed to divert run-off away from the active cell of the landfill.

(iv) After completion of landfill, a final cover shall be designed to minimise infiltration and erosion. The final cover shall meet the following specifications, namely:--

a) The final cover shall have a barrier soil layer comprising of 60 cm of clay or amended soil with permeability coefficient less than 1 x 10-7 cm/sec.

b) On top of the barrier soil layer, there shall be a drainage layer of 15 cm.

c) On top of the drainage layer, there shall be a vegetative layer of 45 cm to support natural plant growth and to minimise erosion.

(D) Criteria for pollution prevention.- In order to prevent pollution from landfill operations, the following provisions shall be made, namely:

(i) The storm water drain shall be designed and constructed in such a way that the surface runoff water is diverted from the landfilling site and leachates from solid waste locations do not get mixed with the surface runoff water. Provisions for diversion of storm water discharge drains shall be made to minimise leachate generation and prevent pollution of surface water and also for avoiding flooding and creation of marshy conditions.

(ii) Non-permeable lining system at the base and walls of waste disposal area. For landfill receiving residues of waste processing facilities or mixed waste or waste having contamination of hazardous materials (such as aerosols, bleaches, polishes, batteries, waste oils, paint products

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