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9 Pollution Control Committee . .One representative from Indian Institute of Technology or National Institute of Technology Member, Ex-officio
10 Chief town planner of the state Member
11 Three representatives from the local bodies by rotation Member
12 Two representatives from census towns or urban agglomerations by rotation Member
13 One representative from reputed Non-Governmental Organisation or Civil Society working for the waste pickers or informal recycler or solid waste management Member
14 One representative from a body representing Industries at the State or Central level Member
15 one representative from waste recycling industry Member
16 Two subject experts Member
17 Co-opt one representative each from agriculture department, and labour department of State Government. Member

(2) The State Level Advisory Body shall meet at least one in every six months to review the matters related to implementation of these rules, state policy and strategy on solid waste management and give advice to state government for taking measures that are necessary for expeditious and appropriate implementation of these rules. (3) The copies of the review report shall be forwarded to the State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee for necessary action.

24. Annual report.-(1) The operator of facility shall submit the annual report to the local body in Form-III on or before the 30th day of April every year. (2) The local body shall submit its annual report in Form IV to State P Control Board or P Committee and the Secretary-in-Charge of the Department of Urban Development of the concerned State or Union Territory in case of metropolitan city and to the Director of Municipal Administration or Commissioner of Municipal Administration or Officer in-Charge of Urban local bodies in the state in case of all other local bodies of state on or before the 30th day of June every year (3) Each State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee as the case may be, shall prepare and submit the consolidated annual report to the Central Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Urban Development on the implementation of these rules and action taken against non complying local body by the 31st day of July of each year in Form-V. (4) The Central Pollution Control Board shall prepare a consolidated annual review report on the status of implementation of these rules by local bodies in the country and forward the same to the Ministry of Urban Development and Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, along with its recommendations before the 31st day of August each year. (5) The annual report shall be reviewed by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change during the meeting of Central Monitoring Committee.

25. Accident reporting. In case of an accident at any solid waste processing or treatment or disposal facility or landfill site, the Officer-in-charge of the facility shall report to the local body in Form-VI and the local body shall review and issue instructions if any, to the in-charge of the facility.