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report in Form III each year by 30th April to the State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Committee and concerned local body.

20. Criteria and actions to be taken for solid waste management in hilly areas.- In the hilly areas, the duties and responsibilities of the local authorities shall be the same as mentioned in rule 15 with additional clauses as under:

(a) Construction of landfill on the hill shall be avoided. A transfer station at a suitable enclosed location shall be setup to collect residual waste from the processing facility and inert waste. A suitable land shall be identified in the plain areas down the hill within 25 kilometers for setting up sanitary landfill. The residual waste from the transfer station shall be disposed of at this sanitary landfill.

(b) In case of non-availability of such land, efforts shall be made to set up regional sanitary landfill for the inert and residual waste.

(c) Local body shall frame Bye-laws and prohibit citizen from littering wastes on the streets and give strict direction to the tourists not to dispose any waste such as paper, water bottles, liquor bottles, soft drink canes, tetra packs, any other plastic or paper waste on the streets or down the hills and instead direct to deposit such waste in the litter bins that shall be placed by the local body at all tourist destinations.

(d) Local body shall arrange to convey the provisions of solid waste management under the bye-laws to all tourists visiting the hilly areas at the entry point in the town as well as through the hotels, guest houses or like where they stay and by putting suitable hoardings at tourist destinations.

(e) Local body may levy solid waste management charge from the tourist at the entry point to make the solid waste management services sustainable.

(f) The department in-charge of the allocation of land assignment shall identify and allot suitable space on the hills for setting up decentralised waste processing facilities. Local body shall set up such facilities. Step garden system may be adopted for optimum utilisation of hill space.

21. Criteria for waste to energy process.- (1) Non recyclable waste having calorific value of 1500 Kcal/kg or more shall not be disposed of on landfills and shall only be utilised for generating energy either or through refuse derived fuel or by giving away as feed stock for preparing refuse derived fuel.

(2) High calorific wastes shall be used for co-processing in cement or thermal power plants.

(3) The local body or an operator of facility or an agency designated by them proposing to set up waste to energy plant of more than five tones per day processing capacity shall submit an application in Form-I to the State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee, as the case may be, for authorisation.

(4) The State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee, on receiving such application for setting up waste to energy facility, shall examine the same and grant permission within sixty days.

22. Time frame for implementation.— Necessary infrastructure for implementation of these rules shall be created by the local bodies and other concerned authorities, as the case may be, on their own, by directly or engaging agencies within the time frame specified below:

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