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necessary funds for solid waste management and other obligatory functions of the local body as per these rules;

(y) make an application in Form-l for grant of authorisation for setting up waste processing, treatment or disposal facility, if the volume of waste is exceeding five metric tones per day including sanitary landfills from the State Pollution Control Board or the Pollution Control Committee, as the case may be;

(z) submit application for renewal of authorisation at least sixty days before the expiry of the validity of authorisation;

(za) prepare and submit annual report in Form IV on or before the 30th April of the succeeding year to the Commissioner or Director, Municipal Administration or designated Officer;

(zb) the annual report shall then be sent to the Secretary-in-Charge of the State Urban Development Department or village panchayat or rural development department and to the respective State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee by the 31st May of every year;

(zc) educate workers including contract workers and supervisors for door to door collection of segregated waste and transporting the unmixed waste during primary and secondary transportation to processing or disposal facility;

(zd) ensure that the operator of a facility provides personal protection equipment including uniform, fluorescent jacket, hand gloves, raincoats, appropriate foot wear and masks to all workers handling solid waste and the same are used by the workforce;

(ze) ensure that provisions for setting up of centers for collection, segregation and storage of segregated wastes, are incorporated in building plan while granting approval of building plan of a group housing society or market complex; and

(zf) frame bye-laws and prescribe criteria for levying of spot fine for persons who litters or fails to comply with the provisions of these rules and delegate powers to officers or local bodies to levy spot fines as per the bye laws framed; and

(zg) create public awareness through information, education and communication campaign and educate the waste generators on the following; namely:

(i) not to litter;

(ii) minimise generation of waste;

(iii) reuse the waste to the extent possible;

(iv) practice segregation of waste into bio-degradable, non-biodegradable (recyclable and combustible), sanitary waste and domestic hazardous wastes at source;

(v) practice home composting, vermi-composting, bio-gas generation or community level composting;

(vi) wrap securely used sanitary waste as and when generated in the pouches provided by the brand owners or a suitable wrapping as prescribed by the local body and place the same in the bin meant for non-biodegradable waste;

(vii) storage of segregated waste at source in different bins;

(viii) handover segregated waste to waste pickers, waste collectors, recyclers or waste collection agencies; and

(ix) pay monthly user fee or charges to waste collectors or local bodies or any other person authorised by the local body for sustainability of solid waste management.

(zh) stop land filling or dumping of mixed waste soon after the timeline as specified in rule 23 for setting up and operationalisation of sanitary landfill is over;

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