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4) Ministry of Agriculture

5) Central Pollution Control Board

6) Three State Pollution Control Boards or Pollution Control Committees by rotation

7) Urban Development Departments of three State Governments by rotation

8) Rural Development Departments from two State Governments by rotation

9) Three Urban Local bodies by rotation

10) Two census towns by rotation


12) Two subject experts

(2) This Central Monitoring Committee shall meet at least once in a year to monitor and review the implementation of these rules. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change may co-opt other experts, if needed. The Committee shall be renewed every three years.

6. Duties of Ministry of Urban Development.-- (1) The Ministry of Urban Development shall coordinate with State Governments and Union territory Administrations to,

(a) take periodic review of the measures taken by the states and local bodies for improving solid waste management practices and execution of solid waste management projects funded by the Ministry and external agencies at least once in a year and give advice on taking corrective measures;

(b) formulate national policy and strategy on solid waste management including policy on waste to energy in consultation with stakeholders within six months from the date of notification of these rules;

(c) facilitate States and Union Territories in formulation of state policy and strategy on solid management based on national solid waste management policy and national urban sanitation policy;

(d) promote research and development in solid waste management sector and disseminate information to States and local bodies;

(e) undertake training and capacity building of local bodies and other stakeholders; and

(f) provide technical guidelines and project finance to states, Union territories and local bodies on solid waste management to facilitate meeting timelines and standards.

7. Duties of Department of Fertilisers, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers. The Department of Fertilisers through appropriate mechanisms shall,

(a) provide market development assistance on city compost; and Bags

(b) ensure promotion of co-marketing of compost with chemical fertilisers in the ratio of 3 to 4 bags: 6 to 7 bags by the fertiliser companies to the extent compost is made available for marketing to the companies.

8. Duties of Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.— The Ministry of Agriculture through appropriate mechanisms shall,

(a) provide flexibility in Fertiliser Control Order for manufacturing and sale of compost;

(b) propagate utlisation of compost on farm land;

(c) set up laboratories to test quality of compost produced by local authorities or their authorised agencies; and

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