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from source of its generation including households, shops, offices and any other non-residential premises or from any collection points or any other location specified by the local body;

35. "processing" means any scientific process by which segregated solid waste is handled for the purpose of reuse, recycling or transformation into new products;

36. "recycling" means the process of transforming segregated non-biodegradable solid waste into new material or product or as raw material for producing new products which may or may not be similar to the original products;

37. “redevelopment" means rebuilding of old residential or commercial buildings at the same site, where the existing buildings and other infrastructures have become dilapidated;

38. "refused derived fuel" (RDF) means fuel derived from combustible waste fraction of solid waste like plastic, wood, pulp or organic waste, other than chlorinated materials, in the form of pellets or fluff produced by drying, shredding, dehydrating and compacting of solid waste;

39. "residual solid waste" means and includes the waste and rejects from the solid waste processing facilities which are not suitable for recycling or further processing;

40. "sanitary land filling" means the final and safe disposal of residual solid waste and inert wastes on land in a facility designed with protective measures against pollution of ground water, surface water and fugitive air dust, wind-blown litter, bad odour, fire hazard, animal menace, bird menace, pests or rodents, greenhouse gas emissions, persistent organic pollutants slope instability and erosion;

41. "sanitary waste" means wastes comprising of used diapers, sanitary towels or napkins, tampons, condoms, incontinence sheets and any other similar waste;

42. "Schedule" means the Schedule appended to these rules;

43. "secondary storage" means the temporary containment of solid waste after collection at secondary waste storage depots or MRFs or bins for onward transportation of the waste to the processing or disposal facility;

44. "segregation" means sorting and separate storage of various components of solid waste namely biodegradable wastes including agriculture and dairy waste, non biodegradable wastes including recyclable waste, nonrecyclable combustible waste, sanitary waste and non recyclable inert waste, domestic hazardous wastes, and construction and demolition wastes;

45. “service provider” means an authority providing public utility services like water, sewerage, electricity, telephone, roads, drainage, etc;

46. "solid waste" means and includes solid or semi-solid domestic waste, sanitary waste, commercial waste, institutional waste, catering and market waste and other non residential wastes, street sweepings, silt removed or collected from the surface drains, horticulture waste, agriculture and dairy waste, treated bio-medical waste excluding industrial waste, bio-medical waste and e-waste, battery waste, radio-active waste generated in the area under the local authorities and other entities mentioned in rule 2;

47. “sorting" means separating various components and categories of recyclables such as paper, plastic, cardboards, metal, glass, etc., from mixed waste as may be appropriate to facilitate recycling;

48. "stabilising" means the biological decomposition of biodegradable wastes to a stable state where it generates no leachate or offensive odours and is fit for application to farm land ,soil erosion control and soil remediation;

49. "street vendor" means any person engaged in vending of articles, goods, wares, food items or merchandise of everyday use or offering services to the general public, in a street, lane,

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