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ground floor in a housing society, multi storied building or apartments , large residential, commercial or institutional complex or premises;

19. "dry waste" means waste other than bio-degradable waste and inert street sweepings and includes recyclable and non recyclable waste, combustible waste and sanitary napkin and diapers, etc;

20. dump sites” means a land utilised by local body for disposal of solid waste without following the principles of sanitary land filling;

21. "extended producer responsibility” (EPR) means responsibility of any producer of packaging products such as plastic, tin, glass and corrugated boxes, etc., for environmentally sound management, till end-of-life of the packaging products;

22. “facility" means any establishment wherein the solid waste management processes namely segregation, recovery, storage, collection, recycling, processing, treatment or safe disposal are carried out;

23. "fine" means penalty imposed on waste generators or operators of waste processing and disposal facilities under the bye-laws for non-compliance of the directions contained in these rules and/or bye-laws

24. "Form" means a Form appended to these rules;

25. "handling" includes all activities relating to sorting, segregation, material recovery, collection, secondary storage, shredding, baling, crushing, loading, unloading, transportation, processing and disposal of solid wastes;

26. "inerts” means wastes which are not bio-degradable, recyclable or combustible street sweeping or dust and silt removed from the surface drains;

27. Cincineration" means an engineered process involving burning or combustion of solid waste to thermally degrade waste materials at high temperatures;

28. “informal waste collector" includes individuals, associations or waste traders who are involved in sorting, sale and purchase of recyclable materials;

29. "leachate" means the liquid that seeps through solid waste or other medium and has extracts of dissolved or suspended material from it;

30. " local body" for the purpose of these rules means and includes the municipal corporation, nagar nigam, municipal council, nagarpalika, nagar Palikaparishad, municipal board, nagar panchayat and town panchayat, census towns, notified areas and notified industrial townships with whatever name they are called in different States and union territories in India;

31. "Materials Recovery Facility" (MRF) means a facility where non-compositable solid waste can be temporarily stored by the local body or any other entity mentioned in rule 2 or any person or agency authorised by any of them to facililale segregation, sorting and recovery of recyclables from various components of waste by authorised informal sector of waste pickers, informal recyclers or any other work force engaged by the local body or entity mentioned in rule 2 for the purpose before the waste is delivered or taken up for its processing or disposal;

32. "non-biodegradable waste” means any waste that cannot be degraded by micro organisms into simpler stable compounds;

33. "operator of a facility" means a person or entity, who owns or operates a facility for handling solid waste which includes the local body and any other entity or agency appointed by the local body; 34. primary collection" means collecting, lifting and removal of segregated solid waste

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